Parts of My Life - Part One

    I am a young adult who has, as many, lived more than her years. So far my 25 years have included: my own adoption into a great family, the adoption of my sister into the same great family, spiritual abuse, sexual abuse within church walls, trips to many different countries & cultures, drug abuse, physical abuse from a boy friend, alcohol dependency, a position on a task force for sexually & physically abused women & children, humbling realizing I'm not the only one on the face of this earth, a beautiful son that came out of a very disgusting situation, a husband who adopted my son & believed in me & the calling placed on my life (our lives), attending college at a bible college; of which taught me, God is bigger than any persons theory or commentary... I have learned there is much wisdom in our elders & to trust in them, that there is loneliness in company, that you can only run so far until the past catches up with you, there is a voice of reasoning & 99% of the time it isn't your own, that your family is your vice & hope in life, & that the world wont stop & wait for you to catch up, so stay on top of things...

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2 Responses Feb 27, 2009

Thank you Meg! I am trying to make a difference with those experiences... life isn't worth the pain & hurt unless your able to turn it into testament & wisdom! Thank you :)

You sound like so many of us here.....a survivor of the world that surrounds us. You seem to have come through quite a fight but are still here to make an impact. Take what knowledge you have gained through your life and its challenges and use it to help others. Only you can control where you go from here, and with the help of loved ones and God you can make it !!! Good luck to you :-)