Only 10 :)

A man that makes me feel that I am the only woman for him.

A man that can hold a conversation about anything, anytime! I love a man that can talk!!

A man that can make me feel special.

A man that is interested in what I have to say, regardless of the subject.

Trustworthy, loyal and dedicated.

Imaginative & takes the initiative to try new and out of the bedroom.

A man that makes me laugh :)

A man that 'gets' me, connects with me and can at least attempt to read my mind.

A man that realizes beauty comes from within....and you need to look at more than just the physical appearance.

A man that makes me feel VERY loved.

Only 10? I have so many more :)

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des- I know what you mean but I totally believe their are good ones out there :)

D - they exist - have met a few - my cousin happens to be married to one and they are BOTH blissfully happy (I happened to set them up - ahem - not to brag or anything - LOL!)!<br />
<br />
You and I have just not experienced anywhere close to this in our marriages, yet, I don't know about you, but I THOUGHT I had married just such a guy as described here - well, close enough - boy was I wrong - eeeeeeeeeeek! : {

I just read your list snowy, and though you have many more, this list is far from expecting a PERFECT man - I think you don't settle for less than these 10 (with the option to change the 10 anytime during your "search"!)!! Great list!<br />
<br />
I also think you are so right - perfection is in the eye of the beholder and as long as YOU think he's perfect - than that is all that matters! (and perfect to me is someone WITH flaws but not ones that impact US in a destructive way)

Sweetnshort- thanks for your comments. I truly agree... <br />
<br />
WW- Thanks! I have many more I could list, let's see your list? LOL

I look for the same in a woman & thought I had found Her. My Parents were the most Loving couple, not to say they did not have disagreements. They did almost everything together, had long walks in the outdoors, took a bath together, went to bed together, my mother always got up when he did, fixed his breakfast & lunch. They were always telling each other of there Love for one another, always Hugging & Kissing. I think alot of men, don't see this growing up & don't know how to express Love. Some are to Macho. This is true of some Women.

Brut- I agree not one person can be EVERYTHING for you but they can be your idea of perfection... and perfect for you :) <br />
<br />
Marcus101- ahhh perfection!! ;P

Brut here. I haven't found this person except in day dreams. I have a best friend who is a guy, and we talk "honestly'" about male feelings and sexuality...and I am pretty sure a guy like this wouldn't exist. But, I am not an authority. Best of luck to you guys ;=J

we'll see. in the meantime, have a great day snow "-)

...working on it, huh...<br />
<br />
...duly advised...;)<br />
<br />

Aww I am not expecting them all but a few will do. No one is perfect :) ..Thanks all1rog!

So true Smugit :) ...the best of everyone always comes from the inside my furry friend !<br />
Now come over here and get your Sunday treats !!

first hoses off MTLVM in yet another story and rolls eyes hehhehehe ok being a pet I am loyal and bound by the rules of petdom to make you feel special. I got my humor on, so laughing is mandatory or die trying. I am not sure we can talk, but I can bark, and do listen really well. Read your mind a few times, you are just confused on why it keeps going back to treats all the time hehehe. All the best love comes from the inside out and there is not one pet that loves you that does not know that.

Bluemoon- working on it - lol

Aww thanks Bassy... like I said I have SO many more - LOL

I like this list Snowy

Thanks quietone81 :)... I could add sooo many more - lol

very nice list

I have no doubt that you will find them Brut are so sweet & special yourself :-)

thanks Snow. It is very important to be sweet...such a turn on when it is real, and innocent, and not so innocent...<br />
Maybe one day I'll find that sweet, sexy, loyal person.

Excellent list Brut!!! <br />
<br />
I liked #1- its important to be sweet :)

What I want in a person....<br />
1)sweet, smart<br />
2)likes to do it a lot. <br />
3)likes to talk a lot<br />
4)knows when not to talk<br />
5)knows how to look at me<br />
6)likes to kiss<br />
7)trustworthy, loyal, affectionate<br />
8)is simple yet full of depth<br />
9)has faith in life<br />
10)open to suggestion, training and being the ob<x>ject of my intense desires.

Pix- that's right we sure can change our minds...its our god given right as a woman ! LOL <br />
<br />
mtvlm- women want you to read our minds or attempt to because then we know you are connecting with us and paying attention to what we want :) <br />
<br />
Did someone say massage :-)

It is all hot and ready to go.... Towels laid out and ohhhhhh..... LOL

LOL!!!! Grab that massage oil Mt! :-)

Why do women always want a guy to read her mind??? Don't you know that is like reading the stars in the sky and trying to discern the meaning of life, all for the fact that all you want is just a massage...<br />
<br />
<br />

Mmmm all good for me too.

That's ok snowbunny... 10's good to start off with, then you can add as many more as needed!!!!! *wink* ;-) We women can always change our mind you know!! ((hug))