My Ten Turn Ons...

There are more, but these are a necessity:

Eyes that See My Beauty

Lips That Kiss Deeply and Without Malicious Motive

Hands That Caress My Soul

A Voice That Utters Words To Soothe and Support

A Respect For Me That Is Solid Through Even The Longest Hardship

A Body That Is Willing To Give, Receive And Cultivate Pleasure

A Mind That Is Sensual, Intelligent And Open To New Knowledge

A Wild Heart That Beats Only For  The Good Of "Us", In Varying Ways

A Desire To Carry Me With Them IN ALL That They Do

An Insatiable Sensuality That Is Aroused By My Love For Life And Their Presence In It


This applies to those who have me sexually (the lucky ones who have proved their worth) and those that have me spiritually, not carnally. Some are in both categories.

I love and will love you Unconditionally because I do not demand your monogamy, just your devotion. This devotion is mutual.

TheRealWoman TheRealWoman
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8 Responses May 8, 2010

MarkPaul has a good point, because I'm not into "getting to know" my lovers, because by the time they reach that apex, they have been my friends a long time. :)

This seems self-absorbed, sprinkled with self-serving. I don't mean that in an insulting way. Think of it more as unsolicited insight from someone who knows self-absorption in the opposite sex when he sees it. Sure, I want to make you feel special. But, do I really want to dedicate a daily devotional to you? I don't think so. Are you suggesting a relationship or a religious worship service? <br />
<br />
In return, you suggest reciprocal unconditional love. First, I'm not sure I want you negotiating my side of the love-relationship. Second, if you are telling me I have to do all these things to capture your love, that hardly feels, smells, tastes, or IS "unconditional." <br />
<br />
Why do relationships require so many conditions and why are they always disguised to be something they are not? And, finally - and most of all - why can't relationships simply be built around two people who see and gain value from getting to know each other; nothing more and nothing less?

Thanks Angelique69, maybe put that in a story of your own?<br />
<br />
I like your list.

Hehe hell yeah

Oh...? Did I, custard puff? What that be a dirty streak? :D

You forgot one thing...........(*Y*)

Believe it or not, I struggle to find lovers who I can visit by local means...and so...the spiritual connection reigns for now.

To demand the devotion out of another is more of a commitment that monogamy..... Great Post soul sister.....