My 10 Things

1) Intelligence - I want a lover I can discuss share important thoughts and concerns with. and be able to have an intelligent discussion with

2) Self confidence -  I want a lover that is comfortable with themselves to feel free to be open and honest and share intimate times with. I don't want to be with a woman that needs to keep the lights off or doesn't like to touch/snuggle because she is shy or not confident

3) Playfulness - Its important to be able to play and not always act like adults. Someone to dance in the rain with

4) Kindness - Cruelty is a huge turn off to me

5) Creativity -  I don't want to be the only person to come up with ideas for the relationship

6) Low Maintenance -  I don't want to feel like my partner is in the relationship only for the material things I can provide her

7) Beautiful hair and/or captivating eyes - My partner does not have to be in perfect shape, but the right eyes and or hair are very attractive to me

8) Generousity - Selfishness is my biggest turnoff

9) High Libido - I want my partner to want sex as much as I do ( or more if possible) so I don't feel that she is just putting out to make me happy

10) Great legs/*** - I imagine that this question was primarily focused on what physical qualities I want.  This was my #10 because I couldn't think of more than 9.  This is really a minor quality.  Lets say its icing on the ****** because I would rather put icing there then on cake!  :)

taddeebar taddeebar
36-40, M
May 18, 2010