Love One Another And You Will Be Happy. It's As Simple And As Difficult As That.

I want a man who…
Knows me so well that he can tell me what I am looking for when I walk into a room and say… “What did I come in here for?”
Tells me often, how lucky he is to have found me and how he can’t live without me in his life.
Makes me feel as though I could never do anything to ever disappoint him or cause him pain, and if I do…  He Will go out of his way to cover for me when I say or do something wrong so that I don’t internalize the mistake and make myself get flustered. Letting me know that it is alright, he forgives me and still loves me more than anything else in the world.
Habitually gives me thoughtful gifts that don’t cost a thing, just to let me know that he was thinking about me that day… Like picking me my favorite flower or a note written in steam on the bathroom mirror.
Can talk to me about anything, everything and nothing… From physics to relationships, how our day went, and especially his emotions.
Tells me I am beautiful as an alternative to hot, and I catch staring at me from across the room instead of groping me when we are out in public.
Only wants to be with me… Never wants to share me and never wants me to have to share him but still allows me to be my social-butterfly self, being proud to show the world he is with me and never gets upset if I don’t pay enough attention. Because if he wants my attention… He knows exactly how to get it.
Never lets me do anything that a man should do, such as take out the garbage, kill spiders, carry heavy things, or touch something disgusting and dirty.
MAKES me take time for me when he sees me getting burnt out from all the things I do for other people, because there is no way that I will ever do it for myself.
Never lies to me or causes me to lose faith in the fact that he will never, EVER, purposefully hurt me. 
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AMEN to that sister !!!