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Top Ten

1.Touch love, I NEED to be touched.
2.Attentive. Hang out witth me and answer my texts. I NEED attention.
3.Outdoorsy. I love hanging outside, taking walks etc.
4. Treats me well
5. No ex-wives or kids
6. No gamers or hardcore video gamers
8. happy with life
9.going somewhere in life
10. wants a big family
imstuckinhere imstuckinhere 18-21 1 Response Sep 12, 2010

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1. Isn't afraid of commitment<br />
2. NO Ex-wives<br />
3. Cares about me more than clothes, games, etc.<br />
4. Wants kids<br />
5. Doesn't have a problem with interacting with my family<br />
6. Will not isolate me from my family<br />
7. Will let me travel <br />
8. Supports my decisions<br />
9. Will hold a job<br />
10. No major health problems