My Ten

I think a countdown is in order.

10 - Some physical compatibility. I'm in shape and I would like that in a lover
9- Some common interests, like a past history
8- Confidence. I can't know you if you can't express who you are
7- I have to know you and what you are all about
6- I cannot fear you. Somethings make me fear a woman...mainly, if you wouldn't be a decent mate in the long run, I don't want to entangle our lives in the sheets
5- Now the good stuff: Communication during love making. Tell me what you want, ask me what I want, I'll return the favor
4- I like a slow hand, to be honest. I'm not a ragdoll.
3- Variety...doing and trying new things, having fun with it.
2- I want to a lover who loves to receive, and loves to give. That is what keeps the love going.

and, finally,

1- Intensity of emotional intimacy. I want to know what you know, feel how you feel. I want to feel that you are communicating desire with your body. I want to feel the feelings you are feeling. That is soooo sexy

oh yeah,

And eye contact. Lots of it.
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1 Response Apr 7, 2012

Daaang so simple and well written. So personal and yet universally appealing. And a focus on what you need happening in the background and not just plain X, that kind of insight is priceless. No doubt you will be propositioned soon...

Without the 'background,' there is no intimacy to it.