The Perfect Woman

All qualities are ranked as by importance(1 =high/10=low) 
If you meet about six of them... drop me a line. 

One.) Girl. Must be of the female gender. 

Two.) Must love Star Wars. This was almost #1.

Three.) Must have a pretty face and smile. 

Four.) Must be a Smart***!!!  I am a smart***.

Five.) Kind of a b***h. im a ****, so we would balance each other out. 

Six.) Gamer Girl. Nothing on this world is hotter... am i right guys?

Seven.) Tall? I am 6'8'' after all.

Eight.) Fat A$$. Sorry ladies. I am a man.

Nine.) Clean. < Should take care of herself. hygiene. Shower every day.


Ten.) Trustworthy. Should be #2. Last girl wasnt so trustworthy. that sucks. 

P.S. Though she is a b***h, she should also have a sweet side. 
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1 Response May 4, 2012

Good Luck!