The Ten Things I Look For In A Lover

No long introductory explanation, so here's the list.

1) Communicate effectively - she needs to be able to let me know all about her and her wants and desires.

2) Intelligence - she needs to be able to talk about more than the mundane things in life.

3) A Clever and active mind - so that we can have fun together outside of the ordinary.

4) A Sense of Self Worth - She needs to be her own person, not a shadow or a puppy clinging to me for everything

5) Dreams for the Future - She must look beyond today and want more for us than we have at the moment.

6) A Gentle and Caring Soul - she must think beyond herself and be sensitive to those around her.

7) A sharp Wit - so life isn't dull and boring

8) Sensual - knowing and sharing what she wants enabling us to enjoy the pleasure we can give one another.

9) An Adventuresome Spirit - not only in exploring the world, but also sexually, so we can enjoy each other as well as other experiences.

and lastly,

10) She has to have Big ****! (only kidding) A Sense of Humor - so we can enjoy the playful side of life.

That's it, no special physical attributes, just what is inside that makes her special, especially to me. I recently met someone who I think has all of these characteristics and I hope things continue to grow between us.
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2 Responses May 12, 2012

I hope you find her! ;-) ( I like your humor.)<br />

Thank you kind lady. I'm glad I could make you smile.

Best of luck to you!