The Top 10....but 5 Will Get You Noticed!!!

My top ten that I look for in a lover...someone special I hope to spend my life with begins ....
1- I want a Christian man whom is passionate about his faith& serving God.
2- I want a man who is genuine,honest, &responsible
3- I want a man who is a communicator, creative, & intelligent.
4- I want a man whom is open to new adventures in life, culture, & diversity. That being said......
5- I believe TRUE love knows no race, I believe all men are beautiful.....but I want & prefer a interracial love someone who wants this love too.
6- I want a man who has a great heart, who enjoys helping others
7- I want a man who likes to smile, makes me laugh
8- I want a man who wants to love me, admire me& make a lasting commitment to me.

9-One who is faithful& committed. Lastly, but not least....
10- I want a man who has purpose& wants to leave a legacy, a example of leadership& hope to everyone he meets.
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1 Response May 12, 2012

Tell em' girl! I think you deserve n will ultimately receive all u desire n a man!