I Want To Know Your List Of 10 Things You Look For In A Lover Inamorata

I want a women that tells me what they want.If it's being genital, rough,slow, soft,loud, funny ,side ways ,doggy style ,ride me, dual ************,upside down whatever.,or just oral only You control your pleasure.whatever reaches your pinnacle I'm there for you enjoy the sensual paradise you deserve and experience with you..You have to open up and tell me I am lousy at reading minds.

Someone that looks into my eyes and allows the both us to see deep within our hearts.

I look for someone to be I want a woman to understand that when I make love to her that sometimes for whatever reason.I have may trouble reaching the mountain but that doesn't exclude the fact I I will do everything in my power to reach it with her.

I want a women that has a sense of humor and understands that I love fun and jokes and love being the brunt.Understand I may use again myself.

I want someone that that is willing to experiment with love our feelings that goes with a better understanding of each other.

I desire a women that loves foreplay that includes candle light dinners and is willing to open herself up to a romantic evening of love and love making..

I love a women that is open and honest with me on everything..even if it hurts.,it makes us stronger together.

I want someone that loves holding after sex....nothing wrong with a hug.any time.

(9)That once in awhile I may **** up,and will be apologetic and do my best to make it up.to her....to understand I am human with faults but want to improve.,and that it works both ways.

(10) I want someone to understand loves has no boundaries and that exploring those boundaries can help us reach the brightest star in the in the universe.

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I couldn't have said it better - Crazyabby