Ten Things I Look For In Them

1) a guy who's at least taller than me XD
2) when we have playful moments more than serious one
3) at least, one similarity in our interests
4) faith. means them who won't leave their friends when they're getting closer to me
5) accepts me the way I am and loves me whatever I'll be
6) manly and NOT a coward.
7) not a player. I hate players :(
8) we could have an endless conversation
9) I am comfortable with them
10) aggressive ones.

**sorry for bad english**
michellemint michellemint
13-15, F
1 Response May 14, 2012

How Aggressive<3?

hmm, maybe like if guys unexpectedly kiss girls &lt;3 lol!!!

Loll Nice(:

thankies :D


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