Pretty Sure This Guy Doesn't Exist But There's No Harm In Dreaming, Right?

1. Faithful, loyal & respectful. 
Can keep his **** to himself & wont talk about me to his friends (especially about what we do in the bedroom...). 

2. Sincere.
ACTUALLY gives a **** about me, & won't pretend he does in the hope of getting his **** wet.  

3. Takes care of himself. 
Works out, smells good, & dresses well. Actually, i'm not too fussed about the working out long as he's not overweight :P 
4. Intelligent, wise & emotionally mature. 
Able to hold intellectual conversations, see things from different perspectives (including mine) & offer advice, comfort & reassurance. Well read & educated.

Knows he can trust me & so doesn't feel threatened by my guy friends. 

6. Funny. 
Doesn't take life too seriously, can act like a dork, able to laugh at himself but be mature when the situation calls for it.

7. Confident. 
That's a no brainer. 

8. Loving.
Affectionate, makes me feel special, wants to show me off in public & to his friends, makes me feel good about myself (both directly & indirectly)

9. AMAZING in bed.
Loves & is open to trying new things, gets off on getting me off & wants it often. Oh & would be awesome if he was also adventurous - i'd hate for the sex to get stale :P 

10. Animal lover.
Just from experience, people who don't like animals generally suck...especially dogs :P

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I fit most of your choices ,, but I am a lot older ,,,guys your age are no ready yet to think that way ,, go for older guys ! ! might help

i would, but i typically associate with guys my own age, because we happen to move in the same circles. that & it would depend how much older the "older guy" is! but i do get what you're saying.

Looking for the perfect human being lol ... most of the traits are possible though you may have to drop one or two

Yeah, I know...but I don't think I could be happy in a relationship without numbers 1,2,4,5,6,7,8 & 9. Do you think they're all really asking too much?

1 & 2 should be required at all all times heck you shouldn't even have to put it on a list, everything else is absolutely fine bar 5 6 9
5 - is probably more you want him to care but not be possessive but you have to understand slight jealousy too much is overkill
6 - All depends on your style of humor, girls always say they want funny but tend to laugh at anything a muscle bound douchebag says and assume that hes funny ... but I'm just saying it depends on you
9 - Is the kicker Amazing maybe ... someone who is good and willing to improve might be a better level but then again if you love them and you have sexual chemistry it usually is possible
So its not an awful list

i can understand slight jealously, but if it's to the point where i'm being accused of cheating based on nothing or him giving me a hard time for going out, that's annoying. i've been accused of cheating by 2 guys i've dated - both were cheating on me. so, based on my own personal experience, i think that it may indicate they are the ones cheating.
& how does having muscles & being a douche bag make you any more funny? i personally haven't experienced this or witnessed i don't know why you would think this, but anyhoo...
but you're right about number 9: sex is always better once you've progressed into the relationship, when you're comfortable enough with each other to let go & tell the other person what you like. plus, i think when you care about someone, you also care about their pleasure...not that i've cared about many boys in that way, or slept with enough boys to know, but with my ex that was the way it went, & we were together for 2 years & it only got better. shame he cheated on me twice (that he admitted to - lol).

Lol .. no well this girl I knew kept bragging about how funny her bf was and I met him and he had the IQ of a breeding rabbit, he didn't really make jokes she just kept giggling at half the things he said ... In fairness she was not intelligent at all so it might be that
And well yeah I mean the list is not impossible but may take some time going through the ****** people that you don't want, and the jealousy point is always an issue

probably more to do with the fact she wasn't intelligent than the fact he had muscles & happened to be a douche bag. but that's 1 girl - i think generalising all women based on her is...well, kinda unfair. because some women actually are intelligent.
is jealousy always an issue to the point that i just described?
but you're right - you do have to go through the **** ones to find the good ones, but that's just people in general. most people (regardless of gender) suck.

p.s. & by "always" i mean "usually". i don't accuse a guy of cheating, until i have a reason to suspect that he is, & i tend not to spend my time looking for any incriminating information, because i'm too busy enjoying myself with them...perhaps that's why it felt like such a slap in the face?

Mmmm I wish it were just that one girl I think a vast majority of the girls I met have been unintelligent and the muscles and douchebaggyness was mentioned cause that's literally her type hence she'd go for him and find him funny I can show you a handful of girls even more that are all like that
Well in my experience finding the right balance between jealousy and trust is such a odd balance cause some have complain the opposite to you

wow. seriously? perhaps you should start associating yourself with different women...
people are attracted to different people - perhaps she finds muscly guys attractive? that & people are more likely to be with someone of similar intelligence, so if they're both not the sharpest tools in the shed...kinda makes sense.
i'm detecting a bit of bitterness here though lol.

p.s. i don't think it's really such an odd balance, personally. i think it's quite natural to trust someone not to cheat on you, but still get a little jealous when it comes to them dealing with people of the opposite sex, because you just don't want to lose them.
i think trust is a vital ingredient in any relationship (friends, family, etc.), but especially when it comes to the person you're with - if you can't trust the one you love, it's a bad sign. especially when your distrust for them is based upon your own disloyalty (like my crappy ex).

It's more cynicism then bitterness lol ... just the stupidity of these people that do the same thing over and over and then just complain lol
It's not an odd balance just one that's hard to find, like a lot of people have been cheated on and hence they are more insecure then they once would have been but yes it's a vital thing

...complain about what? which people? where? lol
most people have a tendency to do that for some reason - take the fact that their last partner cheated on them out on there new one. i guess most people are good at generalising - they assume that because the last one did it, this one will do it too. which is kind of assuming the person you're with is a ****...which sounds pretty messed up to me lol

Nawww just some supposed mates that come to me for relationship advice
It's human nature to doubt and fear the unknown you know you can't change that

"insanity: doing the same thing over & over again & expecting a different result." - according to einstein, your so called mates are insane.
i still don't really know what you're talking about though lol.

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This is the exact description of the guy I like. (Don't know about the in bed thing since we're friends) but in every other respect. (except he is overweight. That's okay. He is beautiful, but I don't think everyone could immediately see it. But if they could just see how his soul radiates through his facial expression...)

no, it is like that. one of my friends in my crew is friends with the sweetest guy, & he hangs out with us from time to time. i didn't find him attractive at first (chubby with red hair!), but when i got to know him i wanted him so badly :( (in more than just a sexual way). he has a girlfriend though :( which is ok, because now i have a boyfriend who i only have eyes for! he doesn't possess all of these qualities, but he's so amazing he makes up for it in a lot of ways.

Be true to thine own self is something I live by.

Interesting, that confidence seems to you to be the most obvious of the ten characteristics. Not that that isn't frequently emphasized by many/most other women. What I've never quite been able to square with that, though, is that so many women end up spending inordinate amounts of time undermining it in the man they choose to keep. I wonder how many of them do so deliberately, or wittingly, or both.

there are plenty of people out there who get something out of making people feel **** about themselves - it's not gender specific. i've dated more than one guy who has completely destroyed my self esteem.
it's just people - a lot of them suck. male & female. there's a small percentage of us who aren't **** heads, but we have a hard time finding each other!

I'm right here!!!! No, seriously, I do measure up to all of those but alas...I'm already taken (see requirement #1). Although I can be a bit jealous at times but it's a guy thing that you just don't understand. Guys know how guys think so in the case of a stunningly georgous and sexy woman as yourself, he knows what your guy friends are thinking and doesn't like it. It's not a matter of mistrusting you as his girl but being (animal like) territorial in a way. That one is going to be a tall order for any human man to fill but good luck.

lets, see, check, check, check, check, crap. I'm the jealous type. Not possessive, and not jealous of guy friends, but jealous overall. check, crap again. Although I have a buttload of confidence NORMALLY, I have recently lost most of it. And check to the rest. But I think your missing one key thing here. A guy who is financially stable. That's the one I really fail at. =P then how are you jealous? lol.
& he only needs to be "financially stable" enough to be able & go & do stuff with me, without me having to pay his way all the time. i don't get what the big hype is with women about money when dating - it's just about the guy to me.

I get Jealous when its a guy I don't know the intentions of. Friends are trustworthy for the most part, but when the girl i like hangs out with musicians, or are out at parties that I am not allowed to attend, i get jealous (I'm sure there are more situations, but those 2 have actually happened to me)
As far as money goes, there was a time in my life I had a lot of it. New car, new house, was making an amazing living. I lost it all, and now I am struggling to get a job. I understand the want for your loved one to have some money, I get it. That's the main reason why I haven't even been looking to be with anyone. No one wants to be with a loser. Maybe one day I will be able to get my **** together, then maybe I can be worth someone's time ;)

so you can't trust a guy you don't know - you should be able to trust your girlfriend, or you shouldn't be with her. your girl shouldn't have to take you to every single night out she has because you're scared she'll hook up with someone else.
& the amount of money someone has doesn't make them any more or less of a loser last time i checked...i think you're selling yourself short here, buddy.

I usually do trust the girl in this situation, what i worry about is a man taking advantage by force. It isn't about that i want to go to every night out, its about how she didn't want me to go, because she wanted to cheat on me. (Luckily I knew what kind of person she was, and never invested my feelings into her) Things that are suspicious like that.

so hey! it was a long time ago that this conversation happened. update for you: I now have a good job, nice money, great new place to live, and a car. Not to mention all the confidence I have gotten back! Hope things are going well with you, just figured I\'d let you know =)

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Sorry sweetie..dream on. You may get lucky in a few of the wishes though.

He's probably out there, don't know if you're ever find him. :-)

Well you are more likely to find all these things in someone that is<br />
But it is true it is all part of living and learning. When you are younger you tend to think with the wrong head all the time but all these things become just as important to a guy as he grows older (not all but most). Just hang in there I am sure it will all work out for you. If I can give you any advice it would be to never settle for anything less you will find just what you are looking for if you don't.

That guy does exist somewhere. You have good tastes. I for one fit all of your ten criteria, and I bet I'm probably half way around the world compared to where you are. So, there has to be someone else out there. Or there's me! Hahah.<br />
<br />
Good luck~

Hey I'm good to go.. Will even walk the dog with you on the beach. ;-))

I would probably say that I fit most of these, but I've been single for over 2 or 3 years. Ive taken life and my job too seriously and forgot about my needs. :( For awhile, being single was fun and didnt mind, but now I actually want that significant other. It gets depressing at times. But I live with it. Just need to put more focus on meeting more people that I may potentially date. :)

He's out there Bleh whether your cross paths and achieving meeting him to your above requirements. Good luck!

but, but, but...what if our paths DON'T cross &amp; i never get to meet him? *lip trembles* or WORSE: some hoebag gets him? she could ruin him :(
ooooh life sucks.

He won't lower himself to that, keep searching.

I think i meet or beat all that :) Lets see if you meet my standards lol I see your like me California Dreaming

Cool.I will definitely check it out.I'm always in search of new music.

doooo iiiiitttt...look up the video on youtube even. it's cute :)

My list for a girl would be similar allowing for gender differences of course-but with one big difference.The fatter she is,the sexier she is.And to all you haters out there,don't bother.I've heard it all and it means nothing.I've known what I like since age 8.Not changing now.

aww amen buddy (in the words of mika). "big girls you are beautiful!"

Thanks!The only Mika i know is Mika Brzezinski and trust me she ain't gf material.Shrill,yappy and judgmental-three qualities to start off the "anti" list.'ve never heard of mika the singer :O HOLY MOTHER OF GOD.
download "big girls you are beautiful" - that should be your theme song. (he's a guy, btw)

Guys like this DO exist. My b/f ticks all the boxes (though personally I'd be very happy for him to talk to his friends about what we do in the bedroom). My advice is do not settle for second best; you deserve nothing less than the very best.

He definitely exists and I am sure you will find him. Just don't settle for anything less than what you are worth. I know I strive to be all those things, but nobody is perfect. Except for you, of course!!! :)

OMG!!! you have a boyfriend

yup. why is that so hard to believe?

I thought of hitting on you ;) :P

I fit that desc<x>ription so nicely, but stil no girl has fallen for me :(

haha if you did, that wouldn't be the case buddy...hate to break it to you!

Sadly, it is. I cant understand it. But that is the case

haha whatever you say buddy.

Damn - I almost made it all the way - missed out on the slightly overwight bit - of to the gym with me - will try again in 6 months if your still

haha oh sorry buddy - i should add to this that my age limit is 26! i'm only 20 lol

Ah well win some and you loose some - So got any friends lol

overweight or well i am 225

good list - like your standards. Keep 'em always.

haha unfortunately that means i could end up a spinster!

naaah ... I don't believe that ... too many megawatts in your smile, brains in decisions ... you'll be fine ... :)

giving is one of the most prominent things I can say I have...this relates to all things when it comes to a woman.. treat her like a woman not as a secondary but I do believe in opening doors and being a gentleman. When it comes to the bedroom you have to be giving to her thoughts and feelings before your own if you really want to please her..

ok reading this just made me feel all warm &amp; fuzzy inside - apparently some of you guys are decent!
&amp; if you're selfless in the bedroom, chances are she'll be thankful &amp; do the same in return! (if she's not, drop the *****!)

I fit all except number 3, though I have a girlfriend so it doesn't matter. I do have a friend in Canberra who would fit all of the above (though no idea about how good he is in the sack, nor do I want to find out!. Great guy, just unlucky with women for some reason. have a girlfriend so it doesn't matter? sheesh - i put more effort in when i have a boyfriend. i want to look good for him!

p.s. what i'm implying is: it does matter.

Sorry, you misunderstand (my fault). What I meant was that since I'm not single it doesn't matter in relation to you, as I'm not looking. I do agree that it always matters though. :-)

Guys like this are out there. Your list is just what it should be.

if looking at other women is ok, I fit all 10. #9 you would have to find out for yourself though, you can't take any guys word for it, because we are all the best in the world... lol

yeah, to not let your guy look at other girls is basically asking him to resist a basic human instinct - &amp; i love having a good perv myself!
you know what they say: it doesn't matter where you get your appetite, as long as you come home to eat ;)

cool, 10 for 10 ;D

Geeez where the **** were you when I was growing up?
So what planet are you from? It OBVIOUSLY is not earth as girls like you don't exist here natively.

Matches all except Number 9. Because have 0 experience ;) in that section. :P

haha yeah buddy, i never mentioned anything about experience :P
if you're up for having sex, i guess that's "something new" so technically you do match haha

:/ . Saving it for my marriage. ;) .

haha ah ok

;) :D . Anyway you should open up . :P
Tell us about yourself. So, that normal people can understand you.

normal people will never understand me haha

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