My 10...

It doesn't matter if they are not these, but still, these are the main things I look for in a lover:
1) loving
2) caring
3) not too clingy, but still a little bit clingy
4) supports the LGBT community (if it was a guy), has LGBT Pride, but to the point it's appropriate (if it was a bi guy, or a bi/lesbian)
5) romantic
6) would not run away when I'm suffering
7) tolerates my unpredictable feelings
8) would make me laugh when I need it
9) would not force me to have sex with them
10) make me feel safe in their arms

(yeah, they are the main ones. There are certain ones I can tolerate, but most of them, I wouldn't tolerate if my ideal lover doesn't have.)
YamiNoSukai YamiNoSukai
18-21, F
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Hmm,Good To Know(;