Ten Things?

Well here goes nothing.
1. Uniqueness, copy cats anger me
2. Artistic, that way we could draw together
3. Has a wonderful singing voice, so we could sing together
4. Loves kids, I have two kids so they should be able to love them
5. Plays video games, that way I could always have someone to play with
6. Is a romantic, you see I am a hopeless romantic so I would like someone with common ground
7. Understands me, I am very complicated and it would be nice to find someone who also understands what it is like to be complicated
8. Loves poetry, I write poetry all the time
9. Doesn't cheat, cheaters are liars and I hate liars
10. Loves animals, I could never live without having a pet
IvannaQuinn IvannaQuinn
May 15, 2012