My Lover

In no consequential order...

1. He's gotta like being naked. People who like being naked are fun in the sack. 
2. He needs to be playful in the bedroom and out in the world. Foreplay starts before we get through the bedroom door. 
3. Likes to be touched, stroked and caressed even non-sexually.  Just tenderly.
4. Passion in life = passion elsewhere. 
5. Listens. Can listen to my cues and delights in the bedroom and pick up on what makes me happy outside of it too. I'm pretty direct but some people can't hear over the sound of their own thoughts/insecurities. 
6. Likes sex and being connected. Most preferably, likes both with ME.
7. Isn't afraid to try new things, embrace some variety and step outside his comfort zone a little to spice things up. If you can't open and share yourself with me then maybe we shouldn't be lovers. 
8. Good at communication, resolving issues in a healthy way. Resolving issues well makes sex fun after. 
9.  Generally faithful and monogamous. Character of a gentleman. 
10. Awareness. He knows who he is and who I am. He knows what it is to unite to form "us" - and likes it.
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5 Responses May 16, 2012

Duh.... is what I want to say... Isnt that what we all want. To me its like we all want to breathe air every few seconds, right? Why would someone as bright as you right something as simple and obvious as what you wrote. YET, why am I with someone who just does not get it. I am very well educated, very articulate, very kind and considerate, and why is it impossible for me to explain this to my intelligent well educated wife?

They do exist! One lives at my place . . . ;

enna30: told you so -:) Love is blind, and that's what makes it feel terribly good. To put it into more rational terms - our souls have infinite complexities, so we are not always able to put into words what attracts us to another person. Personally, I don't even know in advance what my next love could bring me (I talk as if I had many, sadly that's not the case). This is how a person grows through their relationships.

One thing's for sure...we've learned not to settle for less :-)

We've met??

Not yet. ;-)

*sigh* one day, perhaps :S

this is all nice and dandy -:)<br />
When Mr. Right comes, he may turn out to satisfy no more than 5 or 6 of the requirements. But hey, love is blind - and by saying this, I'm making well-wishes to you. <br />
<br />
I wish I would be resolute enough to set up a similar list for myself. I must have been 13 or 14, when an older man asked us young boys: "do you like blonds or brunettes". No one could answer, so I volunteered a reply: "you know, sir, we just grab what we can".

Only 5 or 6? Why settle for underachievers?

Agree with filter here. My list could be much longer. His should be too. They asked for 10, so I named 10. I don't actually think this list is that much of a challenge to accomplish. I wonder where oh where I could start to look for a man like this. Hmmm...