Must Haves...

1. Honesty. Lie to me once and I will never trust you again. (proven)
2. Know how to talk to me, I hate when I want a conversation and they can never keep up their side of the conversation.
3. Have similar goals. Although I would give up my dreams to follow them around so they can live theirs, I have a strong belief that I should have to do this.
4. Appreciate the simple gestures I give and learn to give some in return.
5. Don't be afraid to be spontaneously romantic.
7. Be okay with small PDA only, no heavy make out sessions or groping, but do NOT leave my presence without kissing me bye. And don't just leave my hand swinging alone by my side.
8. Have similar food tastes, I want to be able to go on a road trip just to try out different places to eat, and I want to do this with my love.
9. Love to cuddle.
10. Have as much passion as I have for you.
Ronniroo Ronniroo
18-21, F
1 Response May 20, 2012

These are sweet... good picks. I'm with you on the lying.. do it once and that's IT... LOL... small PDA (yes) and conversation. All good, I like all of your choices.