10 Things I Want In A Lover.

1)open minded 2)some type of moral values(doesn't have too be uptight,but some type of morals should exist)3)nerdy! doesn't have to be an uber nerd! but some type of nerdiness,weather its cartoons,videogames,or comics,or movies! i dont care! something like that would be nice! 4)honest 5)real 6)not ignorant! some type of education would be nice 7)not mentally unstable,cause i am enough of that 8)willing to share me with my family,not get jealous or start fights with my family, ive had experienced that in the past,and it was just..horrible. 9)commited, i am a one woman man, i want someone,that wants me,for me, and only me. if that sounds selfish,then thats what a relationship is, one person, falls in love with the other person, and that person,should be enough for them.n if they promise then they should keep it. 10)some one that understands me, that gets me, that knows i have excess baggage, and inner demons, but that will love me even for being a mess on the inside. and that wont take me for advantage. cause i am beyond sick and tired of that!
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26-30, M
1 Response May 21, 2012

Fun, Creative/artistic, Nerdy, Sensitive, Loyal, Passionate, Artistic, Affectionate, Weird and open hearted/loving nature