My Best (bet) Of 10 In A Lover.


1) . . . Well, first thing is first. . . there should be what is commonly called intelligence. Doesn't have to be a scholar, or someone elite. But has the flair to convince and influence men, ofcourse in productive manner.

The rest was randomly picked.

2) . . . .Second would be one who loves art. Best if it would about visual art or Music. But doesn't matter really. I appreciate all kinds.

3). . . I've managed to connect with few male friends here and I find myself comfortable communicating with like minds who are more or less Romantic, Passionate and speaks their mind no matter how (?) One who can be enthusiatic to learn and share, teach and correct me when I go wrong.
That surely is a great bet for #3.

4). . . Fourth is Personal hygiene. This came out just when I needed to fill in this place. No need to elaborate on this. But seems few miss a very important a far as I'm concerned. I like the fresh smell after a good shower. Invitingly sexy. . . healthy.
I also suggest oral floss. Hope that's not asking too much.

5). . . Fifth has to be something that would keep the company more lively, more fun. A down-to-earth attitude, humorous/funny. Which reminds me of "Indiana Jones". yay!

6). . . .I don't speak english well, so I expect he has to be good command of the English language. I've seen good ones here who aren't even natives of english speaking countries, but really are so sexy with their choice of words. Very convincing.

7). . . I love being with children and can't imagine myself connected with a man who thinks and feels children are nuisance. Children are gifts.

8). . . Eighth would be about cooking. One who loves working in the kitchen and one who always feel the need to be organized/independent. I love my kitchen and it's fun working together with someone who loves cooking.

9). . . Nineth, hopefully shouldn't be left out. A man, gentle and hate violence, who hates all kinds of abuse. Respectful to all.

10). . . Tenth and not to be taken as the least. I love a man who expresses sexy attitudes in bed. Giving pleasure. Finds pleasure to all I can offer with trust and respect during intimate moments. I like being dominated but not to be abused.


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Sounds like more a spouse requirment list than for lovers, but then being a good lover should be a requirement for being a spouse

Aww-w-w Wouldn't it be great to fall to such a man/husband.

that's a pretty good list. Nothing outrageous.

Well, sure it is. Thanks. I should have added something from a really personal aspect. But then will wait for the "Top 11 list" to come out and would write about that extra 11th. **wink**

Lets see
#1... Has to be intelligent and knowledgable about a wide variety of subjects.
#2...Have a good personality and have a positive attitude and outlook.
#3...Not sloppy looking or slouchy
#4...Good hygiene
#5...Does not have to be beautiful, not bbw not skin and bones/
#6...Enjoys just being with me, holding hands, kissing and cuddling.
#7...Open minded about sex, enjoys learning new things and adventurous.
#8...Trustworthy, supportive
#9...Enjoys nature and the beauty all around us.
#10,Must enjoy listening to Yanni

Nice ten list. I surely would agree to all. But who's Yanni?^^

He is a composer, musician, conductor and has his own orchestra. He plays all over the world, just look him up.

Good list. I don't think I could have come up with ten but your list was good.

Aww-w-w I know you have one up there, hidden somewhere all this years. he he

I used to have a list of people before I met Stacy but not a very long list of what I was looking for. The few things I was looking for she had. I laid all my cards on the table on our second date and things took off from there.

T misquote Meat Loaf, 8 Outa 10 Aint Bad<br />
<br />
KIds?<br />
<br />
Like 'em OK<br />
<br />
But couldn't eat a whole one<br />
<br />
Hate violence<br />
<br />
I'm ex-champ MMA teamster, ex-security (posted solely @ sites under terrorist threat) <br />
<br />
My older cousins were a Colonel, a Wing Commander & a Navy Commander<br />
<br />
& any time Isreal's in danger, I recruit openly online for the best paid & most efficient on Earth<br />
<br />
Mossad<br />
<br />
Watch Munich free online<br />
<br />
Wiki search, Operatioin Wrath Of God<br />
<br />
OH: had my life threatened @ 7 yrs ago for exposing Islam online so often<br />
<br />
When @ 8-9 thugs threw stones @ me, I yelled - in a pedestrian tunnel, right opp the big cop shop, "If ya think ya hard enuff, try it: COME ON<br />
<br />
Mad?<br />
<br />
Bad?<br />
<br />
Dangerous to know?<br />
<br />
Too much man for ya?

Umm yah. I just thought if that would mean "shy" in your world, then I wouldn't wonder about the opposite of a guy.

Glad ya aint smitten, hon

Aint easy to be a widow

Ya better with several other replies

I know I'm not worthy

(Does Shrek impression, tryin to keep face straight for camera 3)



I have my criteria too

But how many women think life is all about 'me &amp; my feelings'?

Not shy to point interested female readers to my early joky post @ da HUGEST fetish combo

&amp; asking, "Who's got it all?"

No rfeply @ 2/3 days later

So added, "OK .. OK .. who's got a fait few?"

4/5 days later, still no takers

No Country For Macho Neanderthal Knuckle Draggers: The Prequel Sequel?

Got a banana, lady?


I tell ya truly, I've lived solo @ 12 years now

&amp; I have a whale of a time

In the last word of great Scots hero , William Wallace ...

F=R=E=E=D=O=M !!!!

I go to gym 4 times a week, &amp; 3 weekly discussion groups of

&amp; make good use of Cineworld Unlimited Cinema Card

&amp;, when not full of cold, as I am now, the highlights of my always-adventurous week are Sunday

10.30am @

Or 11am @

6pm @

&amp;some Saturday events @

&amp; 1/2/3 karaokes a week, to rehearse for The Voice 2013

Aiming for 2 hit albums &amp; 2 hit tours in 2 yrs


2015 is 50 yr after I got my first guitar

The overnight success that took 50 yrs sure tickles my funny bone

Why say all that?
I still seek my ideal soiulmate

&amp; relationship experts recommend max compatibility for best chance of long term success

If I were a gambler, I'd lay odds that all the clowns who claim 10 outa 10 are blufing

Am I right?
Whether or not I turn out to be your secret lifelong dream, I value ya friendshop

Value mine?

Oh sure, would like to know you better from your stories. Thanks for a wnderful comment. Very honest and unique I mean loaded ha ha

I think it's a decent list... I've checked from one to nine and want to see if I can qualify for the tenth. What do you say?! :P

LOL! Guess would have to read your Profile first. =)) Or should I take the chance.=P

You should! :P Just kidding...

I guess you do not make conditions, you get to know and explore each other. There has got to be give and take all the time.

Oh yess-s-s!!! Totally agree. I lay my cards, show me yours, as we do the tango.^^ Thanks Nnimbus. So nice of you to write in. (^-^)

I adore women, I respect women, I like her to be an angelic devil in bed. I love to fly and do stunts for joy. I love ling walks, I would not make preconditions about anything that matters, just flow along and explore the mystery.

And yes, I got 2 left feet but can learn if have the inclination! Like to dance?

And I have 2right feet to got with yours. teehee^^ Shall we?

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I will go in reverse... he he.. kidding... how many of those you find in me.. ofcourse some of them you have not tested, but you can take a wild guess on those

LOL you are a spot-on as always. **smiles**

you mean to say 10 out of 10.

Well written. I wish more people had your lack of command of the english language. Many people that claim English as their language can neither speak it nor write it. I couldn't help but notice that you never mention appearance as one of your ten priorities. Character, intelligence and attitude are more important than physical beauty?

Yes ofcourse. weee-e-e!! Thanks for commenting.^^

Damn, I'm perfect! lol You write with perfect command of the English language!

Damn, you're good! teehee^^

Great list...and I believe I qualify on all counts! ;)

Yay!! And (wow) that's great to know!