My Perfect Lover

1. Some who is open with me and can be honest about everthing
2. A man who handles me gentley and treats me like a lady
3. A man who is sweet and kind as long as hes sweet i dont care about looks thats
Just a perk.
4. A man who works hard
5. Someone who can comfort me when i need to be and make me feel better
6. A man who will keep me safe when im with him
7. A man who is not selfish and treats evwryone with respect
8. Someone who like to have fun but is serioid when needed to be
9. A man who is there for me
10. A man who will just .... Love me
Emocupcake37 Emocupcake37
18-21, F
4 Responses Jun 4, 2012

I hope you find the perfect someone for you.

Maybe you'll meet someone like me:p

you will find the lucky person one day

No one is this world!!!!!!!!!