Does He Exist?

1. Smart enough to realise he doesn't know everything, with a curious mind.

2. A small ego and not materialistic. I want someone who finds their passion in happiness, not financial gain or power trip.

3. Likes to do things together, like cook, clean, play games, road trip, beach.

4. Has self-respect and respects me.

5. Realise the value of simple entertainment like a conversation or a card game.

6. Relaxed attitude, not quick to anger, or in a rush.

7. Loyal. I need trust, both ways.

8. Sexual. Must be a manly, take charge lover.

9. Values his health and mine.

10. Has personal goals, and values which are important to him.
spielmitmir26 spielmitmir26
22-25, F
5 Responses Jun 20, 2012

I Do.

well what are you waiting for then? ;)

Hahaha. Sounds like me except for being manly. That I'm faaaaar from. Nice values you've got!

I stole a quote once, "I know nothing, therefor I can learn everything."

I have most, except 6. I'm working with an anger problem.

marry me!

I like #5