Top 10

Hmm, I don't ask for so much really. 10 seems like a lot, there are just such basic things I ask for:

This is in order of importance.

1.) HONESTY, first and foremost
2.) Maturity (he knows when to be funny and when to be serious)
3.) loves to laugh
4.) Goal-oriented/open to self-improvement (takes care of his body)
5.) have similar values
6.) comfortable with/really enjoys intimacy ;)
7.) open-minded
8.) good/decent relationship with his family
9.) Gorgeous eyes that I can lose myself in :) (OH! Also, on the subject of physical appearance: a like 'em a little scruffy, just the right amount)
10.) Similar taste in music/movies

I mean, at least for now this is what I'm interested in
Keepsunshiny Keepsunshiny
18-21, F
Jul 3, 2012