Top Priorities

First and foremost, sexual attraction and chemistry. He could have everything else, but without this, there is nothing but friendship.

Second, monogamy. I alone, must be a enough to keep him satisfied.

Thirdly, trustworthiness. I have to trust him implicitly before I can even consider getting naked with him.

Fourth, respect. There must be mutual respect, no sex.

Fifth, generosity and patience. I want a man with a slow hand who enjoys pleasing me.

Sixth, skill and stamina. I want to enjoy my lover, not school him or hurt him.

Seventh, playfulness & humor. I don't want to take sex too's supposed to be fun, and sometimes it's just plain funny. It's okay to laugh. :D

Eight, potential. I want to know there is potential to move the relationship forward...beyond sex.

Ninth, communication. If we're having sex, we must be able to talk about sex and anything else.

And finally, number ten, Love. I don't have to be in love to enjoy sex...but it's much more pleasurable when my heart is as vested as my body.

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I'm curious about the 2nd one. Does that mean that he gets a demerit if he has 3-some fantasies? And does that mean it's ok if he, alone, is not enough to keep *you* satisfied?<br />
<br />
I also find the 6th one interesting. Most women I know want a man that is skilled in bed, but that comes with practice and women often get jealous about a guy's past sexual experiences, girlfriends, etc. What are your thoughts on this one?

lol. Of course he wouldn't be penalized for having 3-some fantasies or desiring other women. But, the question is, am I enough that he can control those desires and commit to only me? I am certainly capable of committing to just one man, yet that doesn't mean I don't have desires and fantasies of my own. Plus, I have fantasies of my own about being in a FMF my presence he may just get to fulfill some his own desires. is true that knowing a man has an extremely various sexual past can be a turn off, but as long as the only thing they're bring to the relationship is the experience they have gained from that past.....well, I can feign ignorance and just enjoy their many acquired talents ;)

Nice post really!<br />
Love is all about chemistry and it comes so naturally. That's the beauty of it.<br />
As lovers move on to the next stage of their relationship, it's challenging how to keep that chemistry flesh enough.<br />
Here is my list:<br />
1, Soul mate that could understand you and know you.<br />
2, Sexual mate that could satisfy you totally.<br />
3, Common interest, and your lover will never feel bored being with you all day long.<br />
4, Wisdom or EQ that could hold on mutual communication to sort the problem out.<br />
5, Respect and forgiveness.

thanks...and that is a great list as well. Chemistry is VERY important to me....I need that passion. I'm not sure I believe in soul mates....I think there are many people who could know and understand us. Sexual satisfaction is also very important. I don't need to have every interest in common...I like the excitement of being exposed to new experiences and sometimes you just need space to do your own thing. Intelligence is a are respect and forgiveness. So how close have you come to fulfilling you list?

Thanks for you reply :D
Well as a matter of fact, I don't know how to measure it. Actually all I concern is being happy with each other, that means a lot already, if you try to believe the person you love is the right one. Simplicity is utmost important. Sometimes such top priorities may only bring troubles. We are not perfect enough.

Quite interesting, sexual chemistry, I believe comes naturally. But there are certainly different kind of loves....

thanks...and I also believe chemistry between two people is something that either exists or it doesn't. And yes, there are many forms of love. I prefer to be romantically in love with my partner, but I have enjoyed sex without it as well.

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I hope you find her :)

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thanks...glad you enjoyed it :)

Now tell the truth does your current man have all ten on your list? I think you have a great list and nothing is out of the question!

he is close, at least in bed... :O hahaha

Thats what i love about you your very honest!!