10 Things I Will Look For

These are the things I am looking for in a lover:

1. Someone who likes science

2. Someone really kind, loving and chatty

3. Someone who isn't afraid of getting close (kissing, hugging.....lol)

4. Someone I can have an intelligent conversation with.

5. Someone who dresses smartly, is clean and wears aftershave. Haha ;)

6. Someone who accepts me for who I am and treats me nicely.

7. A guy who ain't afraid to be wild and crazy, be fun. Someone who isn't afraid to act like a fool.

8. Someone who's intelligent, thinks big.

9. Someone who I can trust, count on, someone who's loyal.

10. Lastly: someone who can make me smile, help me through the bad times and someone who will do anything for me.


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1 Response Sep 8, 2012

Sorry but I have less than 10 lol:<br />
1. For them to be who they are (they don't have to hide their peronality , cause.i want yo know the Whole persona)<br />
2. For them to accept me for who I'm<br />
3. If they have anything or any problems they could come talk to me (i will be supportive no matter what the cause I just want them to be honest)<br />
4. Love who wants a relation ship when there is no love between the lovers <br />
Thats prety much it lol