Not boring.
Not mean.
Not secretive.
Not annoying.
Not whatsit.. not needy.
Not ashamed of Him/Herself.
Not in your face about education and other things I'm uncomfortable with.
Not picky.




Trolls are controlling..

In a way......... I wish I could be like that one time............ grrrrrrrrrrr:P I like thats iI'm not mean:D
Acchbellon Acchbellon
18-21, M
1 Response Sep 8, 2012

Don't care much about this list, I'm not all stuff either.. kindaa needy, not sure, not all the other things though but I don't mind, she or he doesn't have to change.. they will though and that ruins things, we'd break up then:P AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA and not a lier, I lie sometimes but only about ************ or **** or sexual things r whatever:D