Touch And Passion

!.) To feel your eyes burning into my back when you walk into a room looking for me.
2.) My breath to catch in my throat even though I just had you.
3.) The ability to make me lose my control when we make love.
4.) Someone that sees only me, needs only me, wants only me.
5.) Holds me through the night and cradles me in his arms when we wake.
6.) Cares about what I think and what I want.
7.) Takes over when I am insecure, and helps me find myself again.
8.) Is not afraid to tell me what he wants and needs..I only want to please him, but I am not a mind reader.
9.) Cares about his appearance, but isn't afraid to let me see him dirty.
10.) Holds my hand or touches me when in public or alone. It isn't all about the bedroom, you know. Touch warms the heart and lets me know you are thinking of me.
moondancelady moondancelady
51-55, F
5 Responses Sep 15, 2012

Very it would be great with you!

Beautiful :-)


It is amazing to see such a beautiful view of a heart!



And fanciful...

Sp perfect.... Takes in all of you and him.....awesome... :)

Wishes and dreams make the world go round!:)