Top Things I Want In A Relationship

Okay, so this is more than 10 things, but over the years, I've compiled the things I want in my ideal they are!

1. Sharing our passions and honoring them even though they may not be the same passions

2. Passionate about our relationship

3. Places importance on parenting

4. Emotional freedom to be truthful in all areas of my life with my mate and not feel that I’m being judged

5. Always acts in integrity

6. Tells me what’s going on rather than wants me to second-guess.

7. Soul level relationship

8. To share in our path toward personal growth

9. Relationship where we can touch spirits

10. We are doing romantic things for each other even after the initial dating period

11. Mutual love for each other

12. A lot of touching, kissing and lovemaking

13. Mutual desire to spend time with each other

14. Trust in each other such that we can share everything

15. Shared long term vision


17. Laugh together

18. Support each other when things aren’t so great

19. Travel together

20. To be the champion for each other’s dreams

21. To have my partner be the last person I want to see when I go to sleep and the first person I want to see when I wake up

22. To give my partner enough space and have enough space to allow for our own personal growth

23. Emotionally available


dawinla dawinla
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6 Responses Oct 1, 2012

Great list! Please feel free to check out mine. It's a little bit long, but I think it represents me well.

That's one fine list. Maybe some day I'll find a Woman who shares those points. Until then...I wait and keep searching.

Dont give up on your dreams! I'm still waiting.

I love your list,
What is your answer for #24 ???

Room for expansion :)

Thanks for the came from the heart and from experience :)

Wow...long list.

True, it is long, but all of these things are important to the relationship I want to invite into my life.

I love it. You read my mind.

Thank you!

24. Appreciate and celebrate one another...

Good point!