Lover Or Sex?

This list is more geared for having sex with someone but I guess the same could be applied for having a lover too.

Reasons Why I Want to Have Sex with You

Reasons to.
1. Because your male and I prefer that gender.
2. Because I’m sexually curious about sex and you.
3. Because I like the size of your ****.
4. Because I want my 1st time to be with someone who knows wtf they are doing.
5. Because I find you visually and sexually attractive which parts: you’re facial features, limbs, and body, make me want you.
6. Because you star in all my fantasies.
7. Because you’re my obsession and I like it.
8. Because you understand that everything has to be a secret and know how to keep it so.
9. Because I wake up in the morning and think about you. Actually it’s all day.
10. Because I like that you listen to me & want to touch to me the way I want.
11. Because I can be myself around you and not have to feel too guilty of the dirty thoughts that go through my mind.
12. Because we watch **** together, not sports!
13. Because I guess I feel a bit safe around you. You might be 11 inches taller, male, and definitely stronger than me but I know you won’t hurt me.
14. Because whenever I’m with someone else I’m always thinking of what you and I would be doing given the chance that we could actually be doing this together.
15. Because just seeing you makes me smile.
16. Because I like the way you smell.
17. Because I like your body and the way you’re shaped.
18. Because I’d probably still care for you if you were fatter, deathly ill, went bald, lost a limb, were seriously burned, or were a horrible lover. Although if you were ever abusive, I wouldn’t stick around. Unless we were role-playing that abuse. 
19. Because I trust you. I can tell you anything and I know you won’t tell others.
20. Because you’re not afraid to be a risk-taker around me.
21. Because I know you are always understanding with me even when I don’t deserve it.
22. Because you’re extremely patience with me even when I push it to the limits.
23. Because you know about me and that you’ve seen both my good and bad sides and that you don’t think I’m a complete freak.
24. Because I find your maturity, security, and experiences exciting.
25. Because I want to bring something new to your life and have you passionately like it because pleasing people gets me off.
26. Because I want a sexual experience with someone I care about over a person I don’t. I feel free to be with you and explore you, even if some have already.
27. Because I want to feel pleasure from you.
28. Because you boost my self-esteem.
29. Because I want to make you feel good, I care—for you too.
30. Because I want to feel the amount of power/attraction we/I hold for one another.

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1 Response Nov 25, 2012

There are other reasons of course, but none better. This guy is lucky, and I bet he knows it.