What I'm Looking For

1. Honesty- Honesty is something that is lacking in today's society and is a huge problem with relationships today. I want someone who is going to tell me the truth even when it may hurt.

2. Trustworthy- I want someone whom I can trust. I have had my heart broken before by a woman I thought I could trust.

3. Intelligent- I need an intelligent woman who can hold a conversation about topics other than related to purses or shoes.

4. Sense of humor- Someone who is able to let loose and have fun and able to laugh at herself

5. Strength- I want a strong woman. Not necessarily physically strong but more emotionally and in her character.

6. Compassionate- Someone who is compassionate towards all and who will be there when times get tough

7. Passionate- Someone who is not only passionate in their personal life but also in other aspects such as work

8. Willing- Someone who is willing to try new things and expand their horizons in all aspects of life

9. Respectful- Someone who will treat others properly as well as their ideas and beliefs

10. Loving- Someone who will love me for me and all of my faults (yes I have them) as will her

Is this too much to ask for?
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2 Responses Nov 25, 2012

Not too much to ask for....not at all..

It's a great list it's not too much to ask for and you deserve nothing less.

She is.