Ten Things I Want From My Lover.

1. Communication- the ability to be able to talk to me about anything

2. Honesty- she should never hold anything back from me.

3. Understanding- she should be able to have the ability to want to understand thing she doesn't, so that she can learn about other people and their views on the world .

4. Compassion- have the ability to comfort and console in times of need and see others for who they are and not hold their differences against them.

5. Humor- she should be able to laugh at life. And know when to not take things seriously.

6. Sexual- she should understand her own sexual needs and wants and be able to express them as well as want to preform to please.

7. Open- she should be open with her feelings and emotions so that I can understand just what she is feeling.

8. Respect- she should respect herself above all else and know when I respect others around her.

9. Kind hearted- she should be able to see when other need her help and be willing to help those that are less fortunate then herself.

10. Loving- be able to express her love in any aspects of life that matter.
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No truer words were ever spoken. I agree with all 10 of ur list. Thumps up to u

Very nice, and a very wholesome picture of what you want from someone you are in a relation with. If you are capable of giving all this you want, then you would make a lucky pair together.

When I love I give my all.

Lucky girl, who gets all the love of her man. :) Good for you.

Well I am single so no one is getting Amy of my love :(


Oh that can change any time.... your capabilities still remain yours.

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Very passionate, and charming....

I try my best.

I'd love to be the recipient, so if this is your best then you got my vote all day long, and all night long...

Well if you want I receive any of it, I am willing to give as much as you want to receive.