My Perfect Lover ♥

This is not in order! (: Basically these 10 things is what i look for in a guy. :

1.) Well-mannered: I love guys who hold doors open for girls, says please and thank you, does not have an attitude. These are important and are such a turn on. I cant stand guys that dont have manners!! If you have some kind of attitude with me then bye!

2.) Funny and just a fun person : When my guy is funny and a fun person, i feel like the relationship will be much happier and funner! I think you can't possibly be with a serious partner because you would just get bored with the serious relationship.

3.) Will never give up!! : I have so many ex's that have gave up on me and the relationship. Just for stupid reasons, my parents dont let me date? I dont hang out with him often?? We had one little fight? Its worthless if you give up for that little thing. ONE. If your parents or my parents dont let us date and you give up that quickly?! Then you really dont love the person. If you really love the person , you would act as if it's a slight bump in the road and keep going on. I need a guy that won't give up and will be by my side no matter what happens, I don't need a good relationship, i just need someone who won't give up.

4.) Honesty: Like they say that Honesty is the best policy. I 100% believe in that. If we arenot honest with eachother then it will never work! Now, For example: if my bf kissed some girl at school, i would rather him tell me right away then me finding out from someone else or 2 weeks later. I feel that if my bf tells me the same day and same minute, i will cool down a little less because at least you being honest. But if your taking forever to tell me and i find out from one of your boys? Then im automatically done.

5.) Best friends forever! ♥ : Every relationship should have a best friend vibe going on. Meaning you guys tell eachother everything, you laugh at everything and tell eachohter secrets. I like that (: Right now, I have a bf that i have been dating for 2 months now? Hes amazing! I met him on ep! We started as friends for like 2 weeks and then started dating and the relationship is perfect because we know everything about eachohter and trust eachother with anything! So definitley we need to have a close friendship also.

6.) Loves kids/Want Kids in Future: My biggest goal when i am done college and i get a job and house, is to have a baby or babies. I have always wanted a child on my own, but when im emotionally ready for it. Sorry but if i am talking to a guy and you say you hate kids and you dont want kids, im breaking up with u and we're done talking. I cant be in a relationsip like that because i want kids. But of course, if you want kids, you get points with me! lol!! (:

7.) Handsome: I know some people say looks dont matter but hey i do look at the looks. I look at the teeth, the way you dress, and everything! I love a guy that takes care of himself and is cute inside and out.

8.) Nice smile and laugh: I always pay attention to the smile of a guy. When he smiles or laughs, then my world is better. Nothing is more attractive then a guy with a nice smile.

9.) He will fight for me: Fight for me meaning whatever obstacle we have to go through with our relationship, your gonna be with me and your going to keep fighting until your finally with me. Or if someone makes fun of me, i would like my boyfriend to defend me. I will love that!

10.) He Makes Me Happy: This is important then the ones above because i really don't wanna be in a relationship where me and my boyfriend/husband are always fighting and i am always crying. I hate relationships like that because i am fragile and if we get in a fight, i will cry my *** off literally. Or if im in a relationship, that im physically or mentally abused, of course i will hate it. My dream guy doesn't have to be rich or have good looks or anything. As long as you make me happy each or every other day in the relationship, then I will be the happiest girl ever. And i want my dream guy to hold me and kiss me when im crying or im angry, i want him to make me happier and better with the situations i will go through (:

So thats it!! Hope you guys liked it!! (: ♥ Thanks for reading!
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Jan 9, 2013