I have tons of favorite movies. I won't put them all in one post cause that's too many for one post. At least on the side of most readers, I think.

Fern Gully
Rescuers Down Under
Alvin And The Chipmunks
Kim Possible
The Proud Family
The Little Mermaid
Beauty And The Beast
Sleeping Beauty
Tinkerbell And The Great Fairy Rescue
Tinkerbell Secret Of The Wings is one I want to see
Tinkerbell And The Pirate Fairy is one I want to see
Phineas And Ferb The Movie: Across The 2nd Dimension
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Why all kids movies?!?
Taxi driver
Blue velvet
12 monkies
Walk hard
Me you and everyone we know
The big labowski
Blood simple
Slc punk
Ivan's childhood
The watchman

This post shows kids movies I love. I am going to make many posts. :)