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Just started at the gym at work, and notice everyone wears unddies, even in the private showers. I have not seen anyone naked at all, even long enough to change.
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Yep, it's an over-reaction to the possibility that someone might scope them out and then make a pass at them in the locker room. It'll never happen in a work-related locker room, but then they're all paranoid over a coworker seeing what they've got and spreading the word around the office!

I have never understood why the hispanic population near/around L.A. seem to always shower in t-shirts and shorts both at public beaches and in the locker rooms. It seems more than just to shower off the salt of the ocean beach or sand...there's something else going on here that might be cultural. I just don't get it.

When I shower, I go naked whether stalls or gang showers & no matter how many others are there. I also don't care if kids are there (boys, girls or both). Society today here in the U.S. is on a backward spiral becoming more & more nudeophobic!

where do u live that boys and girls are showering together or where u, as a male would be showering w/ girls?

On one occassion while showering in a public pool shower room, a man came in with 2 children, 1 boy, 1 girl. His kids I assume. Didn't bother me at all, I just continued to shower as usual.


It's a reaction to the more liberal 1960s & 1970s, as the next generation tries to swing the pendulum back the other way...

Back in the fifties they swam nude in pools but they different pools for boys and girls why?

Well, in the 50s & 60s, it was felt that boys seeing other boys going through puberty and girls seeing other girls going through the same changes was a better way to teach what a variety of "normal" was. Boys were frequently nude in the pool, and girls were allowed a red one-piece suit, but classes were held separately. Then, after Title Nine lawsuits, the genders had to be treated equally, and so mixed gender classes with more substantial suits for both became the rule. In no instance do I know of different pools for men and women in the USA.

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You are right about the kids after gym. I do a week long youth retreat each summer. The adults and the kids have separate shower times, but several straggle when the adults start their time. The kids (between ages 14 and 18) all wear something, even the youth counselors. The adults all ***** off. Was it because of the YMCA swim lessons as a child where all the boys had to line up on the edge of the pool naked because they knew how harmful the wool bathing suits were to the pool filters?

Have we really become such a bunch of twits? Scared to be naked? OMG!

From what I've read it is common to skip showering after PE in high school's with gang showers.

if ppl don't learn become accustom to there nudity while young they will spend a life time of putting underwear on in a wet showers or shimmying their undies on while wearing a towel, or driving home soaked w/ sweat or stinking up the office. REALLY?

Yes guys, I was not clear. So sorry to raise such a ruckus. Yes, they wear undies to the private shower stalls, and dress after their showers. Oh well

So, I wonder why they are keeping covered?? are they woried about an over zealous co worker checking them out? "everyone wears unddies" How and why do you know? Yes, My gym was across the street and the emplyees work work out and they had gang showers. Awkward standing naked to a very hot body of a guy you just had a fight with that morning. Did he notice my **** getting slightly larger?

how can ya not notice people walking into a shower w/ their underwear on. that means they had to shower while hanging their underwear somewhere to keep dry. then dry completely in a wet shower stall in order to put the undies back on. now, THAT is awkward. i believe he is talking about pvt stalls, so really the only time one would be naked is briefly while changing--like all of 30 sec., if so inclined choose a corner locker and change w/ back to others

you mean they shower in their undies? you must mean they have private stalls and change in them. i think it is ridiculous to walk into a shower w/ clothing on. then walk out w/ dry clothing on. hello! showers! naked!

HAHAHA - True, so true

Considering the state of most office workers...consider your self blessed!