Oh My!

I wrote kind of on this before but again; it couldn't hurt!

Its a short one!

Warning you! Lol!

I was sit on my bed and my husband walked into the room and said "Here!"

He just hand me the ring and walked out of the room!

That was it!

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lol its so sweet that its actually perfect - congrats!

aww ..real and cute ..i love it ..

You poor thing are ya'll at least still friends?<br />
I have 2 kids a 27 year old and an 8 year old and I am only 29.

The funny thing, is I don't think we were ever in love. I think, he thought we had to get married because of a baby but you don't have to now these days!<br />
<br />
We been luck, I guess to have made it to 10 years!<br />
My husband said we were luck to have made it to 3 years!<br />
<br />
What ever was the luck, we are here and going on 11 years.<br />
As for romantic, he never was either; we were JUST friends and that was that.<br />
<br />
I call him((when I get mad)) my biggest kid I got!

I wish everyone could experience the whirlwind effect of love and continue experiencing it for the rest of their life. I so love to see older couples walking together in the park holding hands, squeezed so tightly together you could barely slide a piece of paper between them. That is the type of love I think everyone should be able to experience, but unfortuantly it isn't all like that. I know mine isn't, some days it is, most days NOT! I just can only hope for racing each other down the halls in our wheelchairs...lol we are way to competetive to be romantic anymore and we have only been married 9 years.

So am I!

They do and I think that a whirlwind romance is the sweetest thing ever if done properly. Yeah I'm a sucker for romance!

Awww...that sucks I'm so sorry. I think everyone deserves to be swept off their feet.

Thats how our whole 10 years of marriage is..................he never did anything to sweep me off of my feet..............I think I did all of the sweeping! Maybe thats why I am very easy to be swept up for!

That was just...not even right...no romance, no speciality, no sweep you off your feet. I'm sorry hun!

Yup, it was more like "he had too then he wanted to"

How romantic, that was it?