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My husband is a United States Marine we’ve been friends for so long that I actually cannot remember us meeting – it’s a bit insane nothing ever happened between us not thought or pass we friend flirted but it was more of us giving each other a hard time when people said how long have you been together we’d actually laugh because it sounded so stupid he was a dork and I was his friend. boot camp changed everything for us people always go on about aha moments AJ and I had ‘oh **** I have a crush on my best friend moment’ his during target practice mine in the middle of labeling lymphatic nodes however it wasn’t a jump in his arms and live happily ever after it took us a year and half and an up and coming deployment to admit how we felt then a 8 month deployment which was us ‘dating’ to finally take the step in officially becoming a couple. I don’t think I’ll ever forget that day we got together officially I spoke to AJ on the phone the night before and he was moaning about how busy they were but the good news was he was coming home the very next week and couldn’t wait, we hadn’t spoken about us because we both decided to just put it on hold until he got home our letters and phone calls would on occasion drift into the you always on my mind or I actually cant stop thinking about you moments but never outright I think we should get together or I love type of stuff. The next day I was at work at that stage I was an intern and on the ER rotation and at the end of my shift when some dude walked in and started shouting at me about waiting for so long just to see a doctor and not getting any help I was already at the end of my rope and turned around about to give him a mouthful about how we busy and we’d get to him as soon as we can he needed to stay seated except when I turned around I was staring right into the face of the guy I’d known for so long and going through that deployment I had pretty much fallen in love seeing him standing in front of me I just knew he was the one and there was no doubt in my mind instincts took over and I ran over and jumped into his arms he hugged so tightly that I actually had trouble breathing then doctor in me took over and I realized we were standing in hospital it took nearly 10 min for him to convince me he was alright it including jumping up and down like an idiot and little bit of dancing and a few push ups we went back to my place we hummed and ha’ed and if’ed and but and then all of it turned into when then AJ finally said dam it Storm I love you just say yes already we’ve been together since and I’ve never regretted a minute.  Ooo and apparently have gone way off topic‼
Since I was little I’ve always told AJ how Italy especially Venice is the ultimate romantic place in the world AJ just laughed me off and told me I was such a girl. When we got together the first thing AJ promised me was us going to Venice as a couple after I told him going I’d like to go with someone I really cared about. We never got the opportunity AJ was deployed on back to back deployments and our focus was more on just getting him home than anything else. In the three years of being together we haven’t had one Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Valentines Day, birthday or anniversary together but none of it mattered what mattered was just getting him home and enjoying the time we did have with each other. One day my sister in law and I decided to enter a competition because neither of us had ever won anything in our lives we forgot about it until one day I opened the mailbox and found out that I’d won a cruise to the Mediterranean which basically an island hop and Venice was the last stop I was SO excited and I was determined to take AJ on our first official holiday together‼
 Things obviously worked out before we knew we were on a plane on our first holiday together because I was more than excited and because AJ can read me like a book and knew that I was going out of mind about Venice he had been giving me a hard time since he’d found out about the cruise he kept saying how over rated Venice really is and I kept telling him to bite his tongue because Italian men are very pretty on the eye and I could replace him like that he’d just laugh and shook his head and told me that I was the worst liar in the world and how couldn’t lie even when I was joking lol its true I suck I go all red and cant look at you and feel guilty even before the words come out my mouth!! I never noticed what was going on behind my back with CERTAIN family members AJ had booked us into a hotel for two extra nights in Venice I hadn’t noticed the date changes until we got into Venice and saw the problem with our flights I told him the problem he laughed kissed my head and told me he’d changed it I was about to say ask him why and he said isn’t this your little girl dream to be in this place to be happy and with someone you hopefully love so you can both get wrapped up in the feeling of the place, I just couldn’t believe he actually listened generally I just thought our arguments were just that arguments and him giving me a hard time and to be honest there really was no other person I wanted to be with in that place at that moment I couldn’t have been more happier! The manager of the hotel suggested that we go to this little fishing island because he could tell we were ‘overflowing in love’ and it was the best spot to watch sunsets! AJ and I were sold the minute he told us we decided to make a sunset picnic for two on the first day we were there. 
 AJ and I were sitting on the blanket and he was laughing at me because I was going on about something stupid that was annoying me at the time! he looked at me and stopped laughing and sat up and took my hand but had a really serious face on I was too frightened to say anything more but I panicked and spoke faster and about nothing and he just kept looking at me saying absolutely nothing eventually I ran out of words and he smiled at me. He started off by saying how I was his best friend how no one in the world compared to how he felt about me my initial reaction was great he’s breaking up with me only he squeezed my hands and told me to shut up and stop interrupting because I was ruining his flow and I needed to listen I was already freaking out a bit because I really did think he was breaking up with me I even said of course I have to listen to the break up speech so  you really doing this here he glared then gave me the story of his life what I meant to him how much he loved and would do anything for me I sat there listening and the only thing going in my head was he really is breaking up with me. Then the words ‘will you marry me, Storm?” came out his mouth instead of the way things are suppose to go I had gone from he’s breaking up with to this has got to be a joke and was still processing the fact that he didn’t actually want to break up with me – so my reaction was to laugh and because I’m relieved that he wasn’t an *** and wasn’t breaking with me in Venice the rest of the conversation went kind of like this and I only remember it because he tells everyone how I laughed at his proposal lol:
AJ: You realize I haven’t broken up with you right I’m being serious marry me just say yes - I was still laughing he then smiled and shook his head and then puts something on my finger and I look and it’s a ring an ENGAGEMENT RING!! I immediately stop laughing and look at my hand then back at him.
Me: oh crap you are being serious you are really proposing **** I laughed at you.
AJ: I kind of expected it you have the weirdest reactions to some things!
I then do have the predictable response by leaping on him which was meant as a hug only it topples him over and I land on top of him and kiss him and say yes lol!
AJ and I had both decided we wanted to get married this year because it would give us time to actually plan it properly. We wanted the proper wedding and only one what we never expected was for AJ to get deployed again he’d been home for 4 months and like our ‘dating’ we spent our engagement over a deployment it was a year long and then in August this year we got married. I could be happier I married my best friend the guy I grew up with and not one day has gone by when I thought I was making a mistake everything we’ve been through everything we about to go through in the end it will be worth it because AJ is someone I love and trust and really is my best friend I’ve never been happier or in a more fulfilling relationship in my life‼
Wow this is long sorry‼
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Long story.. Yes. But an amazing one. :) congrats in finding your soul mate.