The first time we were grocery shopping, having fun and talking and generally being silly, dancing in the aisles and whatnot. On our way out I almost blurted 'Marry me', in response to something cute and loving he said. And I started giggling, because a few months ago I'd have never even thought about it let alone almost said it. And I was surprised to discover I wanted him to ask me. And in the car he wanted me to tell him what was so funny, eventually I told him anbd he went really quiet and just smiled.

And we continued talking and he said something cryptic about surprising me soon. And I of course, not really thinking it would that, badgered him all the way home and all the way into the house with our heavy shopping bags lol. Amd finally while we were unpacking he said 'Ok, do you really want to know?' and at that point my heart stopped and I still said, yes tell me. And he caught me between himself and the fridge in his arms and said 'Will you marry me?' And my stomach dropped to my toes and I started to go into shock lol. And I must have said 'Are you sure?' and 'woah' a billion times and getting 'Yes' as the answer, before he asked me again lol. And I said yes. And he said are you sure lol and I said YES lol. And we started laughing and kissing and holding each other and it felt so amazingly right. I knew I should be scared stiff, we'd only been together maybe 8 months max? And I was 20 and he was almost 22. But it felt so amazingly right, like it was mean to be and it never scared me one bit.

He told his parents pretty soon after, and they were sort of bland about it, sort of 'oh thats nice dear, whatever'. But I couldn't tell mine yet, because it would ahve probably made me parentless. Mum didn't agree with me dating him, actually she said its going to be sufferable that I dated him only if I didn't marry him. So I wokred on her for a few months lol. He even asked her for her blessing, but all she told him was that I was too young and then told me 'I didn't know what to say so I said that, leaves you with an out' and I was like, I dont want an out. That shocked her lol.

We picked out our engagement rings, I bought his on layby lol (I was a lowly dishwasher at the time and had to space out payments) and he had mine handmade. But he wouldn't let me have it until he could propose properly.

I proposed to him with his ring on the eve of his 22nd birthday, right on 12 lol. It was so exciting and romantic and he cried and it was wonderful. BUt he still kept my ring grrr lol.

And then the next month we made the move into our own apartment. I saw it without him, he was at work, and so he didn't see it until the day we moved in. And we ran around looking at everything and and being giddy and happy. I sort of guessed he was planning it for this day. BUt when he dropped to his knee in our new bedroom and said 'Will you marry me, and be mine forever?' my stomach dropped again and all the blood rushed to my head and I was all dizzy with happiness and just said 'yes' a billion times lol.

We went out to dinner at our favourite little resturanut and celebrated and I couldn't stop looking at my ring and feeling so happy and at peace. I called my parents and they were ok with it, not joyous, but not angry. No one was really that interested that we got engaged, it was kind of a non-event for our families and friends, but it was wonderful to us and we just couldn't stop smiling lol.

And that's my story lol. I can't wear my ring now, I have hand problems that causes them to swell, so he bought me a new ring for Christmas last year with eleven freaking diamons in it even though we were broke lol. I am terrorfied of losing it!!! I still have nightmares that the diamonds fall out and I lose them and he leaves me lol.

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I cant wait till I can add my own giddy with happiness, brimming with love, joyful and adorable story to this group!<br />
Thank you for sharing yours :)

Thank you so much Mello!!! <br />
We are still blissfully happy, god only knows how! lol And I hope the joy we have lasts forever too. Your so sweet :)