Let's Get This Out of My System

So I moved in with my boyfriend. Three states away and over eight hundred miles from home. He was worried that I was giving up too much in order to be together so he was looking up places where I could finish college and he started looking for a better job so I wouldn't have to work at a bar or wait tables. He wanted me to continue starting my career instead of focusing on paying bills. We agreed to be individuals, coexist, and compliment each other.

It's funny we were always so different (almost as different as people can be) but made the right kind of balance. Our values were the same and how we wanted to raise a family. We talked about all of these things on the phone late into the night. We also joked a lot. We were notorious for getting into trouble and playing pranks together. If he and I were together, we were up to no good!

So it was two days, I moved in and something happened. He had requested to be discharged from the military and had been living the beach going night owl life. He got the call. He answered the phone. We were sitting in the car together and I could hear "Lance Corporal..."

We were at a bar later that evening. Rubbing elbows like depressed bar flies and wallowing. He said..."It's not going to war I'm upset about"...So I responded, "Yeah...I know. I'd marry you no doubt." He looked up at me with a "how'd you know" look.

He told me was planning on getting me settled in first. Then he was going to pop the question...he said he just wanted something more elaborate then getting married quick and getting shipped out...But that same night, we were laying in bed. He kept getting phone calls from friends and family. Then he said, "hey look at this on my phone." It said, "Will you spend the rest of your life with me?" Of course I said yes! Then he assured me that it wasn't the official. Heck I would have been fine with that. I thought that was pretty creative and spontaneous!

But I waited. I waited until he came back. Because we went from having financial security to living on a reservists pay, we were transients for a few months. I pushed my small business to start paying the bills while he got settled...lol how's that for a role reversal. Then he started working while we both went back to school. Yet another reversal.

It was Valentine's Day. We went out to a Red Cabaret Performance. It was a night of old romantic songs. Then in good form, bypassed all the hours devours they were serving for Chick-fil-a back at our room at the Omni Hotel. We kept joking about the whole stiff neck environment. I was a pretty down home non materialistic girl. But I went along with the whole romantic weekend because he really wanted this. I felt engagements should also be for the man too, not just the woman. It's a shared experience I think.

The hotel room was decked out in candles, rose petals on the bed, a large bouquet of flowers, lots of chocolates!, and a bottle of Moet. It was funny, the Chick-fli-a threw me off, I think. I thought we were going to watch movies and eat pop corn, lol! I'm clueless.

Anyway...later on, he brought sushi and dimmed the lights. I was laying down and he looked at me...and had that seductive look...he said, "how about some dessert..." My knees quivered a bit because I knew something was up.. He cleverly had the ring placed at the end of the chopsticks behind his back when I wasn't paying attention. He then proposed...and I can't tell you the rest... wink wink

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8 Responses Oct 7, 2008

Awhhh so romantic 😍

Aww man.. that was one of the best "will you" stories EVAR!!!<br />
<br />
If there is ever a "how we got engaged" reality show, this should totally be first episode.

Keep looking after each other! <br />
God bless you both!

that's sooo romantic.. ow.. so glad that there are still men like your guy who goes the extra mile for his lady.. best wishes for the both of you (^^,)

that's sooo romantic.. ow.. so glad that there are still men like your guy who goes the extra mile for his lady.. best wishes for the both of you (^^,)

Omg adorable! <3


Aww that's so sweet :)