This group looked cool so i joined. Me and my brother Clay were always (and sometimes still do) doing stunts that could and still could kill us, our favorite is get on our horses during a thunder storm and gallop around you get soaked and really muddy but it is fun to have the water pouring down on you and see the lighting all around.
We also like to go bridge jumping, we go to a bridge and jump off it is pretty far down but the river water is really deep so there is no danger of hitting the bottom.
Other things could be trying to ride and unbroken horse, trying to ride half wild steers. running across the bull pens, teasing my dad's prized stallion so he chases us out of his corral. Lots of stuff.
But we never really got hurt, nearly gave my parents heart attacks sometime, and usually always got get my dad's belt across our butt's but it is awesome.
bullgirl104 bullgirl104
18-21, F
Jul 26, 2011