Roof Jumping

When I was very young one of my favorite pastimes was to jump off of a roof. My friends and I would find old abandoned houses and climb up on the roof. Wed play up there and then get the nerve up to jump off the highest part of the roof. I did this many times. I was very lucky that I didnt get hurt.

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we went " POWDER POUNDING"...basicly a second story belly flop into a snow a bit we realised there was a fire hydrant a few feet to one side

We were more safety conscious. We had a hay bales to land on and a rope to tie around your waist. The rope wasn't to stop your fall. It wasn't tied to anything. It was a leash for the others to grab if you couldn't stop rolling.
We calculated all kinds of horrific deaths like your shin bones ramming through your brain if you missed the bales. These brain storming sessions never once stopped us from jumping but no one ever missed the bales either. :-)

sometimes, the fact that I lived through the dangerous things i did as a child is miraculous. It was way easier to jump off of high things then *LOL*

I know you will. You always do!!! ;) lol

I will catch you! :)

I bet they were!!! lol Id loved to have seen that!

Oh but the mushroom clouds I could send into the sky. lol<br />
They were beautiful...

I can imagine Blue hun!!! That was very dangerous.

Dad had a ton of gun powder..<br />
I would make bombs and cause quite a stir around the neighborhood. : )<br />
Until I blew a barn up..<br />
I settled down some after that bit of trouble.Not to mention the pain of the burns I received...