Mailbox Baseball

For those of you not familiar with the sport of 'Mailbox Baseball', the following is required:

1.  A convertible car (or at least one with T-Tops)

2.  A baseball bat

3.  A dark, rural road with well-spaced out mailboxes.

Scoring is a subjective matter, but a standard rule is that three swings without a hit is an out (which means the next batter comes up to the plate), although a batter can stave this off with foul tips (just barely nicking the box).     The batter is allowed to specify how fast the driver goes down the road, but for reasons of safetly, usually 25 mph is about the minimum - any less than that and another car could come up on you rather quickly.

We won't even talk about the illegal drag racing...!!!!

fallentower fallentower
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1 Response Feb 19, 2009

Mailbox baseball LOL<br />
Now that's a game that can be dangerous to the pla<x>yer's own health! Many years ago-back in the dark ages- a friend called me in the middle of the night to pick him up at the emergency ward. He was very drunk, had fallen down some stairs injuring his knee and was on crutches. After getting him into the car he wanted to drive around for awhile so he could sober up. We ended up out in the sticks and before I knew it he had the window open and was using one of his crutches to play mailbox baseball. He was so drunk he missed the first one but when the end of the crutch struck the next mailbox the top part bounced back, whacked him in the face and broke his nose.<br />
Talk about drunken idiocy LOL<br />
I hadn't thought of that incident for at least 25 years,<br />
thanks for reminding me fallentower, I needed a good laugh this morning.