Aye, Aye Captain!

I was never a thrill seeker.  But looking back, this could have been dangerous. In my preteen years, ll to 14,  my uncle had a 17 foot motor boat and allowed my cousin and I to take it out of the marina into the ocean any time we wanted to.  So, we did.  In all kinds of weather.  I remember once the back of the boat getting swamped by the choppy waves, I was bailing, he was operating the boat like the skillful twelve year old captain that he was. I was not the least bit afraid. 

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Same here, Sheperdesss. Free as a bird. But I had a sister and a brother in flight with me. There were thousands of kids in the neighborhood and every house contained a mother at a window! Lifestyles had changed so much by the time I had my one daughter. All the houses in our neighborhood were empty all day, kids at daycare. When we were home, I didn't dare just let her walk out the door the way we did! Who would tell me if something happened to her? Nobody!

Isn't it horrifying to look back at some of the things you did when you were young? <br />
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God's good grace kept me unscathed. I became very over protective with my children. We kind of ran free as kids and as long as you came home for lunch and dinner all was well.