Very Daring Public Diaper Wearing

back in summer, dad went away on business to LA so me and mum were alone, mum is usually in bed due to fatigue, so i decided to ponce on the opportunity to buy some diapers online, abena m4s, which i've been trying to get hold of for ages. when they finally arrived mum was asleep, so i went out to the room above our garage (detached from the house) to inspect my package, abena m4s, crisp and sweet.

because mum was asleep this gave me the chance to go out with out her spotting the diaper, as they turned out to be quite loud. so i changed in left a note by the door and drank some water, and lots of it, and wore tracksuits for easy revealing.

the rout i was taking took me to the rarely used airfield near my village and i would cycle to the disused part and have a bit of fun.
the cycle was very short and when i got there no one was using the ***** that day, so i dared myself to take off my tracksuit at the base of the runway and just cycle in my shirt and diaper.

soon i was at the spot, which is a nice spot and i dismounted and found a near my tire to sit on, by now the water i drank earlier set in and so did some of the breakfast and lunch. but i thought "na don't let it out yet", so i waited until i needed to go bad, then when i started making a tail and leaking i just let it flow and the hole diaper mixed with poop and pee and it felt great, so i sat on the tire and gave it a squish, but nothing oozed of leaked. abena holds well so i sat around for a bit and when time reach about 45 mins i headed back in the poopy peed diaper, under my visible tracksuits, thank god no one saw me.
when i got back mum was asleep, and no one was home, so i wen tback to the apartment and took a look at the damage, and **** me was it bad, but not leaking.

when i eventually took it off, the diaper was coverd in pee all over, and the poo had gone half way up the back and just beneath my nuts, took a while to clean but well worth it.
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drummydummy drummydummy
18-21, M
Dec 8, 2012