Diapered At The Beach.

One summer night, I decided that it would be exciting to go to the beach the next day wearing diapers. I was so excited just thinking of the trip that I couldn't sleep, I played video games til 7 a.m., I had a diaper backpack ready with extra clothes, towels, white briefs underwear, Abena Abri-Form X Plus diapers, and Depends diapers; and so I began to get ready. I decided to go to the beach near my university since I had been there many times before. I arrived at the beach at around 8 a.m. I was powdered, diapered with white briefs over, wearing a white shirt, and shorts. I walked for about 20 minutes until I found a secluded area where I would feel comfortable in my thick diapers. I lay my beach towel down close to the shore, along with my backpack, sat down and slowly relaxed and became comfortable, the sound of the waves crushing helped me calm down from the rush and adrenaline I was experiencing because of the excitement. I then removed my shoes, socks....and then my shorts. I wore a white briefs fruit of the loom underwear over my diaper to keep the diaper snug against me...I then removed my tighty whities. I was extremely nervous and excited at the same time. Feeling the warm sun and wind in only my white t-shirt and diaper felt amazing, it was the most comfort, security, and freedom that I had experienced in my life. I later became more comfortable going to the beach wearing diapers and eventually built up enough courage to go swimming in only diapers. I first would swim with my shirt and diaper, I eventually would remove my t-shirt and swim in diapers for hours. After swimming for 20 minutes, my diaper would start absorbing the water and the diaper would swell up and end up heavy and fully soaked, I was a happy diaper boy playing at the beach. The feeling was amazing, I felt like a toddler, like I was accepted for wearing diapers and for the person I was, I was able to roam around freely without a care in the world. People pass by me sometimes as I'm laying in my diaper or swimming and they just smile or wave, I smile back and sometimes say hello. When I'm at the beach in diapers, I treat it like a normal trip and behave normal, the only difference is that my choice of underwear is a disposable diaper, I don't behave in any disorderly way or try to bring attention to myself, I mind my own business and respect everyone and everyone's personal space and people don't mind, they are actually friendly and are mostly curious. I cant wait til summer comes to spend time at the beach in my underwear of choice, disposable diapers.
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That I'd love to do now.I remember doing that with the family as a pre-teen and teen,, It would be awesome to be able to do that and feel just like I did when I was young.

cool - I have never been brave enough to do that. But the beach seems to be one place where a diaper and a T-shirt or just a diaper is accepted as swim wear - I guess people just think that you are handicapped.