Set To Go...

It was a long time ago, when I was only 15 years old. Her name was terry - she wasn't particularily beautiful, but she was an incredible person. We both were kind of above all others - intellectually as well as socially. People liked being around us, but they couldn't get hold of us or even get us to care for them. We both knew that we were different, although we never spoke of it. One day, when I finally got the will to ask her out, she called me just a second before: "Hey akkarim! Do you know how to ice-skate?" "Well it's been a long time for me..." "Oh I'm worse, believe me! Okay so.. How about the 25th?" "Yes, I would love to!" and so we had our date, and it was wond- oh oops. Wait. That's not how it went down. Three days later I called her: "Yeaah.. I'm sorry dear, but the 25th is never free for me... Huge dissapointment?" "Not at all! How about next friday?" "Wonderful! I'll see you on friday!" As if. I called her on thursday; "yeaaaah... Friday isn't gonna work..." and well. You see what i've been doing there, right? Make her feel as if I'm an opportunity you need to grab, or else it just flies away. Well, she knew the game. "Oh no problem Ake! I'll meet with the incredibly hot guy from my school's football team instead!" (that's not EXACTLY how she said it). "Oh ehm.. You know, today would be splendit!" "Great! Then we'll meet at two?" "Two.. Can't we meet at eleven? That would be lovely!" "Well the incredibly hot guy want's to meet at two, ask him." well i told him i didn't have time at two. And so he was predestined to do it at two. Ake had to take a time out... But I, too, know how to fight for a girl. And She cared for me; we weren't even slightly in competition. Eventually we met after christmas, on the 29th. I wanted to kiss her on mew years eve. But I screwed up. We were at her place, the perfect ending for a date. She invited me in. But she was tired. And I wished her a good night, kissed her on the forehead and left. Well here comes the part where I screwed up. On the Phone: "Ake! I'm SO looking forward to spending new years with you! Oh god I have so much work! I'm glad I don't have a boyfriend." "well you know that you won't stay single for long. You know what new years means to me." What? Oh yes, I know." "I wanted to kiss you." "What? Oh right... Listen..."
Some times, even the slightest freudian slipping can kill your date; I didn't say kiss. I said a bad word. A baaaad word. So kids; never tell a girl Your ambitions. You could say the f-word instead.
Akkarim Akkarim
18-21, M
Aug 6, 2011