My One And Only Willing Date

It wasn't embarrassing to the degree of humiliating or embarrassing date stories. It was interesting, funny and well, read for yourself.

This date took place a long time ago. It was strictly platonic, not romantic. I was in my early 20s like 22 or 23. I was still living in the state I'm from, Hawaii. I was chatting in an online chatroom for people from Hawaii. I was telling people of Britney Spears's secret Fox-sponsored concert that would be happening and I was defending myself because people were trashing me and not believing me just because it wasn't publicized. Even tourists from the mainland USA didn't know about the concert til they were already there in Hawaii.

A friend was in the Hawaii chatrooms too and he and I had known each other only maybe a few months online. He insisted upon meeting me. He kept acting like if he didn't meet me, he'd stop chatting with me. I knew he was a local guy. I also knew he was a local deejay and made mixes of songs. I had never gone out with a male before though, platonic or romantic. Yes, I go for guys, but I just never met up with this type of social opportunity before. I also only had his word he was who he said he was.

I talked with my mother and stepfather since I had moved in with them. They asked me if I had any ideas on what to do. I did. It was a long shot but I had a good online friendship going with this guy and he was going to blow it just because it wasn't offline. I at least wanted to meet him, see if it was worth keeping the friendship. So I concocted a plan and my family went along with it.

My sister took a break from her schooling on the mainland and drove me to the restaurant where he and I were to meet and have dinner. I and he knew of the other's looks because of pictures. My sister dropped me off then I went in. She later came in with my mom, my stepdad, my gramma. He had warned me that the whole thing would be off if I went with anyone. But I never went out with a guy before and I didn't know him that much. He even got mad online when I asked if my family could go. I should've taken that red flag and held on to it but it was only a friend date, not a romantic date.

So, he was sitting with his back to everyone and I was sitting across from him facing everyone. I succeeded in avoiding eye contact with them for a while. I ordered my favorite meal from that restaurant, linguini with meat sauce. Then my gramma caught my peripheral vision. She leaned over way to the side to try to catch my eye. I kept looking elsewhere and the guy I was eating with started to turn around and had even asked me if there was someone there. I had to talk fast so he wouldn't see them.

Then I ordered dessert, my favorite from that restaurant, mango sorbet. I ate it then had to really fight the urge to drop my jaw when our waiter had stopped at my family's table cause my gramma wanted to talk to him. The guy with me gave me a cd he mixed for me. He and I finished our 'date' and he left as did I. He said I'd pay next time.

My sister drove me back home and we listened to the cd which was really good. I later asked my mom why my gramma had stopped the waiter. Ready for it, folks?

She wanted to know what was in my dessert dish that he was taking away. He said 'that customer had mango sorbet'. He must have thought she was all kinds of nuts. My mother cracked up laughing when she saw my dropped jaw.

Glad it didn't turn out bad but getting mad at me wanting to bring company to a strictly platonic date or else is not my idea of a good date. But my gramma's antics looking back on everything is kind of funny.
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You were smart to have friends in the restaurant in case anything went south or you needed help. NEVER go meet someone from on-line without back up with you or immediately available.

yeah thanks, and if nothing is devious on the part of the date-planner, he shouldn't have a problem with me bringing others unless he and i already dated and he wanted alone time, but even then, being sensitive to someone feeling uncomfortable is always a plus.