Not Really So Bad, But...

My date and I were working in a top-secret area on an air force base.  We worked swing shift, and got off about midnight.  We went to the nco club and then decided to take a walk.  About 2am we were walking through the parking lot of the building we worked in, the one with the 12-foot storm fences, etc around it.  We walked by here every day, and it seemed perfectly innocent.  Now, first I hear the sound of a car speeding up through the parking lot, which is otherwise basically empty.  Where I was raised, you didn't flinch or show fear, so we just walked on.  Then two pickup trucks enter the parking lot and the three surround us.  A half dozen 18 or 19 year old boys with rifles hopped out of their cars and point M-16's at us,using their car doors as a shield.  One guy about 24 or 25 runs toward us with a sidearm pointed.

Now it was apparent these were air force SP's, or policemen.   I was in the Army.  We were trained how to arrest someone, and our dialogue was like this:
"Take out your ID, place it on the ground and step back six paces..."  Well this Air Force sergeant said this:  "Take out your ID and SIT ON THE GROUND..."  Or so I thought.  And you know, there may be some procedural differences between army & air force.  So, you know, when the guns are pointed at you, you don't think, you just do what they say.  So I sat on the ground and held my ID up for him to take. 

Well, he had a cow.  "I didn't say SIT ON THE GROUND!!!...."   What I learned was that some people are from AR-Kan-Saw and they sometimes run some of their words together.  What he had said was, "take out your ID and SET IT ON THE GROUND."  Anyway, he took the ID's and called us in for our transgression.

In fact, we had not transgressed.  It was usually ok to walk across this parking lot.  But it just happened to be the night that Ronald Reagan was shot, and the the SP's all over the world were on alert, and were aggressively investigating any suspicious activity.  But I had showed my date that I would panic and act goofy in a sort of dangerous situation.  It was ok, though. She was a little needy herself and soon hooked up with an instructor.  Oy.
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This is too funny. I love it. I bet you have gotten a lot of mileage out of that story, over the years.