So You Can All Laugh At My Expense

I have too many... ok I think this one tops them all.

The date was with the son of someone I worked with once and he was really fit. I really thought I'd struck gold when he asked me if I wanted to go to the cinema so I'd pulled out all the stops in trying to impress him.
I was wearing black boot-leg trousers, very high heels and a tight fitting blouse - I don't choose them that way, they are all tight because God decided to give me ridiculously enormous boobs in relation to the rest of my body. You need to know this, so you understand just how embarrassing this actually was. Words cannot fully describe!
Everything was going really well on this date, he was funny, very good looking and had impeccable manners too. I was pretty much smitten actually, which is why I agreed to that extra glass of wine. It was a bad idea.... a  really really bad idea.
The cinema has stairs and lots of them. I made it up ok. We watched the film and then on the way out... well, lets just say my descent was not all that graceful. I slipped, and then from top to bottom, slid all the way down them on my belly.
So there I am, sprawled on the floor, trying to regain my composure and then I realised that my trousers had popped open giving him an eyeful of my underwear and that tight fitting top? Not so tight fitting anymore. Cringe. The girls had also popped out for a bit of an airing!
To his credit, he didn't laugh but he didn't ring me again. I guess that says everything doesn't it?

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6 Responses Jan 27, 2012

It may not have been your fall, it coulda been the top and especially jeans with heels. I don't wear them together, because of how it looks.... but you never know if you don't ask him. He couldajust been intimidated

I'm not especially bothered now of course but I guess it would have been nice to know :o)

I've done my share of stupid things. By how a guy responds, you learn how he thinks. If he worries too much about everything but you, forget him... Little mix-ups tell you more than a hundred love emails.

No, not getting a second call is not a death sentence. You should call him up, and appologize for the scene that ended the night. Tell him you'd like a second chance and that you won't wear heels and thigh-high boots this time. And dress more conservatively. And have a good time.

Well I probably would do now but this happened ages ago, happily married now lol :o)

Well sometimes those embarrassing moments lead to something better and it sounds like in your case it was very much better. Even though he didn't call ya back I am sure appreciated the quick show and light heartedly retells that story today. You can laugh now but I am sure that stuck with you for a bit glad to hear you didn't break anything, body parts that it is :)

yeah, I wonder if he does tell people. I suppose it is pretty funny although not at the time :o)

Yeah I wonder if my date tells my story to others I hope so cuz its funny!

Haha, with all your desc<x>ription in the first half, I was glad nothing happened due to the fall and you were able to keep your humour in the second. :)

survived to tell the tale lol :o)

aw, good story robbo, sounds like he had a sense of humour bypass at some point! You would think that having the girls appear for an unscheduled meet and greet would have amused him no end. No pleasing some men is there?

lol, an unscheduled meet and greet. You're right he was a bit sombre.

That is to bad. Just because you had a mishap. We all have made a fool of ourselves one time or another. I am sure you were very embarrassed, I know I would have been. At least, he should of given you a second chance to redeem yourself. I would have. There is always a next time with hopefully a better catch.

I have my better catch now, married to a wonderful man and all this is history but I still blush to look back on it lol