True Story

This story is from many years ago but it still makes me laugh today. OK, it wasn't very funny at the time, but we all laugh about it now. Anyway, I was dating this women back when I was maybe 23 years old. We had been seeing eachother for a few months now, everything seemed to be going ok. One of my very close friends asked me to stand up in his wedding a while back and I didn't have a date to go with me so I asked my newer girlfriend if she wanted to go with me. She was very excited, yes she said. Well the big day is now here, and I can tell that she is very crabby. (that time of the month). I told her that she doesn't have to go, I will be sitting at the head table anyway. And you really don't know anyone there. Just stay home if you want. Nope she said, let's go.

Well it was kind of a quiet car ride there, she was crabby, witch was putting me in a bad mood. The church service went pretty well, she was doing ok. Seemed to be having fun. Later that afternoon we went to the reception hall for dinner. I had her sit with some of my other friends so she would have someone to talk to while I'm sitting up front at the heat table. Dinner was served, went very well. I went back to sit with her for a while since the head table was served there food first and I was done already. Sat with her for maybe 10 min. Or so, then I had to get back to the head table, people were starting to give speeches and telling little embarrassing stories about the bird and the groom.

Well it's my turn to give a speech, I stood up and talked about how my friend met his new wife, and how happy he is ever since he met her. I congratulated them, shook his hand, and I gave his bride a kiss on the cheek, and a hug. As I was doing this I heard my girlfriend yell across the room, WHAT, ARE YOU F--KING HER TO. You could of heard a pin drop. Everything stopped. Knowone was talking, even the music stopped. Holly crap, what just happened I'm thinking to myself. She can't be talking to me. What the hell did she do, Omg, I felt like I was on fire. I walked back to her and pretty much dragged her out right in the middle of the reception. That was the most embarrassing date I have ever been on. That actually was the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to me.
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Wow, sounds like an insecure girlfriend. But hey at least you can laugh about it now.

Fridge, I hope you made her take the bus home!