Oh, No! My Trousers!

I was about 16, going on my first date with this guy. I got all dressed up in new jeans, a sparkly top (it was all about the sparkles back then!), expecting to go to the cinema for some back-row smooching, or maybe for a romantic walk in the park.
He took me bowling.
But hey, bowling's okay, I'm not great at it, but it could be fun, right?
Except when I stepped up for my turn, flung the ball, squatted down a bit too far as I did....
My brand new jeans split up the entire back seam, my bright pink knickers were fully exposed, I turned red with embarrassment, people were laughing... generally the whole date was ruined.
Yeah, I don't think I called him again.
ChristieQ ChristieQ
22-25, F
2 Responses Sep 25, 2012

You could have just bowled in your undies, balsy cute and erotic. Lol good horror story

That's a pretty embarrassing story Christie and thanks for sharing. I know what it's like to suffer trough an embarrassing time on a date before (I'll be posting up my own horror date story soon). I would like to say if you you were on a date with me and you split your trousers, the first thing I would do is tie my jacket around your waist to spare you any more embarrassment. Then I would asolutely glare and give evils to anyone who laughed or was laughing at your plight while we made a hasty exit. Ofcourse being the nice, sweet guy that I am I would walk/take you home to make sure you were ok. After taking you home and making sure you were ok I would leave you with a kiss and ofcourse my jacket so you could give it back to me on our 2nd date ;-}.

Nice :)