I Am the Popcorn Bandit!

I was going out with this guy for the third time and a huge pet peeve of mine is tardiness.  If you are late for a date with fungirl and you don’t call I will wait for about 5 minutes and then I call my boys and we will go out playing and make fun of your a$$ all night long because they know who I am in real life and what a huge f*cking mistake that the dude has made.  Anyhow I broke this rule for a younger man that I was going out with and I shouldn’t have but I did.  I think the reason is he was taking me riding on the back of his crotch rocket and he was hot hot hot.  (yes we met on EP) We ended up being later than expected because he was almost 20 minutes late picking me up.  I called my friend and told her we would just meet inside the movie theatre.  She was NOT amused because she wanted to check him out because I had been talking about him for two weeks.  We finally get to the theatre and the movie is starting so we quickly go in and the place is semi-packed.  I finally see my friends head and I decide to lighten things up so instead of taking the seats next to her I decided to sit down behind her.  I noticed they were sharing popcorn and a soda so I reached over from behind and grab the soda and a handful of popcorn (really good friend and her sexier than sexy man that I dated before her) I swallowed a HUGE gulp of the soda and then put the popcorn in my mouth.  Well at that moment the man turned around and it wasn’t my friend’s man. Oh sh*t… that’s right you got it… It WASN’T MY FRIEND either…. I offered to pay for their entire evening but they thought it was hilarious.  The man even had a pretty good sense of humor.  He offered me some of his Crunch balls when he opened them too.  My date and I are still friends and he calls me and still asks me to go out and I might some day when I can forget about the “incident.”  We caught up with my friend after the movie and went dancing however and he couldn’t wait to tell on me. 

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That's funny!


What a great story. <br />
Isn't it wonderful when you bump into people who have a sense of humour and realise that you've goofed honestly. <br />
<br />
As for your friend "dobbing" on you later, I have a sensitive spot against people who use information like that to embarrass others in the name of telling a funny story. That's up to you to do to yourself if you want.

Thanks tree

I agree with you there tree. I am the typical blond woman that from the outside looking in most people look at me and think wow she is ditzy but I have three degrees and two technical certifications. Additionally I have been accepted to graduate school and will be returning again. I am fairly intelligent although there are others that are more so. I hate the stereotypes although I am sometimes guilty of the same ones. I try hard not to be.

Oh my! Now I have to admit that I would normally not go for the jock in the sports bar but OMG I am having to eat those words in the last few days. I met a jock that is also extremely nerdy smart LOL so we may have to challenge our thinking on that cncept as well lol.

Isn't the average guy in a sports bar a caveman?<br />
<br />
<br />
sorry couldn't resist

LOL question for you and totally off the topic of the post however do you think that cavemen had extreme intelligence. What level of IQ do you think prehistoric man really had?

LOL I am quite sure but they would also appreciate the fact that I could provide them with a lot of mental stimulation as well.

LOL very nice dialogue tree. FYI mine are all real and there is no silicone to them whatsoever. So if I am ever stuck in a cave and stuck chained inside I will pull out one of mine and amuse myself with its bounciness etc.

My avatar is distracting? Really? I did that for my cubby and was only meant for him but then I like it so much I decided to use it.

It's all good.

Nope no slapping but I won't be going out with Beta for a while bc I am still upset. I wanted my own popcorn dern it.

Oops!<br />
<br />
I came up behind my wife at a gathering once and cupped her boobs in my hands, only to learn somebody else had the same dress, and similar hair and figure. My wife saw, and started to say something, but it was too late, and she just stood there cracking up as I turned red!

Wow! I imagine you might have guessed as soon as you groped if your wife felt very different. How bad that could have turned out! Did the "Gropee" object or was she pleasantly surprised?